Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Loyal Readers, my humblest apologies.

Who knew that having the kids home all week for Chanukah, followed by substituting at a school for 4 days, combined with crazy last-minute apartment business, trying to find a gan for Nadav for next year, and getting ready for my parents' immiment aliyah (Wednesday) would be so time-consuming and leave so little time for blogging???!! Certainly not me.

I will return shortly with a much overdue post on all the goings-on of our lives, such as answering last-minute aliyah questions, ("Will we need gloves?"), discussing what exactly are Finn McMissile's (of Cars 2, the children's current obsession) 12 superpowers, (we're not sure who decided there were 12, but Yaakov will not rest until we can list every single one), and the results of Nadav's groundbreaking research into "Will this bowl of yogurt fit on my head?" (Short answer: Yes)

Stay tuned.



Gila, you promised. From now on I ask my aliyah questions to Nadav. At least HE won't post an embarrassing blog about me. humph. Just for that, we're going to stay in your house with our six BIG HUMONGOUS suitcases until our apartment is ready. That'll show you. However, I gotta admit, I was kind of waiting for your to blab my dumb question to the world....hee hee.

SaraK said...

Momz, I will answer all of your aliyah questions, and since I am so bad at updating my blog, your embarrassing questions will never be publicized on the internet. Yay, the Liebtags are making aliyah!!! Can't wait to see you in Modi'in. Mazal tov!

f/e said...

wednesday? wow! i give you permision to take as much time off as you can post pictures, i think a picture of nadav with his head in a yogurt wouldve counted as a post, and we want to see pictures of momz and dadz arrival. and dont forget that we are all invited for a cable is crap party once momz and dadz settle in (speaking of which, how come dadz hasnt commented in ages??) a huge bruchim habaim!

Kathleen said...

Wow! That is a lot going on. Mazel tov to Momz and Dadz on making aliyah!

f/e said...

hey gila its been a wk, at least give us a picture, of momz and her gloves, dadz and a flag, nadav pouring yogurt on the both of them, something!
happy returning home, momz and dadz, may anyone you left behind follow you real quickly.