Monday, February 20, 2012

In Which I Regale You (It's Okay, I Asked Your Permission First)

Hello Loyal Readers.

We have (more or less successfully) moved. Or, as my Heblish-speaking children like to say, "moved a house."

There are so many stories I could regale you with.

Like how I had to track down my faucets and see-phone (it is a Hebrew word; I am not even sure what it means in English, only that is it VERY important to the usability of the sink). How I drove to the store/factory where they were holding my faucets hostage and got my Israeli on and plopped myself down in front of a (thankfully helpful) lady and refused to leave until I had either my faucets or my money, and the Nice Lady called everyone involved in the production/sale/distribution of my faucets, and they all engaged in an intense back-and-forth game of Zeh Lo Kashur Ay-lie (it was like watching pro table tennis, only with my ability to shower at stake) until FINALLY I got the private cell phone ("Don't tell anyone I gave this to you!") of the person who actually had the ability to deliver said faucets, who promised they would be delivered tomorrow, and then tomorrow came and they called to schedule a delivery time for tomorrow (uh, no, today), to my apartment in Nes Ziona (I live in Modiin).

Anyway, the end of the story is that we did indeed receive most of what we had bought and paid for! It's a kablanic miracle!

Well, Donny has just returned with food (we can't cook because even though our oven is hooked up, it is not connected to actual gas), so the regaling shall continue at a later date.


OneTiredEma said...

Am outrageously proud of all the Israeliness...I can't wait for HOT/Netvision vs the ROses

Sarah said...

Abba and I wish you all (that includes the Leibtags)lots of mazel in your new home. We're glad everything is starting to work out. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Kathleen said...

Hope you get everything hooked up and installed soon! Mazel tov on moving your house.

f/e said...

wow! a huge mazal tov! cant you just go upstairs and mooch a meal off of the neighbors? rumour has it that they have gas hooked up.

Lola said...

I think that 'see-phone' is related to the very English word 'ciphon' and has something to do with drainage, like the U-bend or something.

Good luck with the last few steps on what sounds like a long journey to a new home!

Risa said...

Great post as usual. Enjoy the break from cooking. Being that it's just about Adar, perhaps there are miricles in store! If not, how about keeping the stove Kasher L'Pesach (l'lo chashash kitniyot)?