Monday, February 27, 2012

New Apartment Report: 10 Days In

1. Nadav has been enjoying my new bed, frequently and for long periods of time.

2. I have not been enjoying my new bed. (See: #1)

3. My kitchen works! This took no less than 5 different installers, but we are up and running. I am back to cooking my exquisite delicacies, including pita pizzas and macaroni and cheese.

4. Things people want: our packing boxes and American coffeemaker. Things people don't want: our old beds.

5. We were able to clear off the layer of grime that covered our floors in time for Shabbat. Still, I don't recommend walking around here barefoot.

6. We excavated our countertops.

7. We have LOTS of technology. Including a Kinect. Forget the cable party at Momz and Dadz, you're all invited HERE to play Rushing River Rapids (or something; I have no idea how to play--you'll have to ask Ariella and Yaakov.)

8. We moved with a lot of garbage. See, we had the movers pack us. And movers are not emotionally connected to our stuff like we are. So instead of long, intricate discussions on whether this book should be an "apartment book" or a "machsan book," they just shoved things in boxes and labeled it with the name of whatever room it was in. And if there was a random, smudgy paper towel on top of the puzzle box? Pack it! Or an old, empty medicine container? Throw it in!

9. Momz and I had to venture into Givat Shaul today. I was the driver; she was the navigator. Momz and I trying to figure out Jerusalem...well, imagine two amoebas trying to fix the space shuttle. But, in the end, we did manage to find  the place, (I guess if you give even amoebas enough time, they'll figure something out), then find the car (bumping into each other in the parking lot as we were each positive the car was in that direction), then find our way back home! Oh glorious Modiin!

10. Because a list that ends with "9" is so sad.



We could have a Sara Imeinu 17 media festival. First, Gila and Donny's apartment for Kinect, then, since everyone will need a rest, a Cable is Crap party at Momz and Dadz' place. But only two people at a time. We only have seating for two in the CIC room.

JerusalemStoned said...

OMG. Two amoebas trying to fix the space shuttle. Me and my mom in car. But exactly.