Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Some Pesach Cleaning Tips from the Kids
1. After Pesach, be sure to pour ice cold water over the counters to un-kasher them for chametz. [Moshe Balsam] [I'm allowed to write cute things that Moshe says because Lisa hasn't updated her blog since circa 2007. So someone should write this stuff down.]
2. Also re the counters, be sure to get some help in carrying them to the mikvah to tovel them. [Moshe Balsam]
3. You don't need to vacuum under the couch cushions; there's no way the crumbs could get out of there. [Ariella Rose]
4. You also don't need to clean the car since we're not eating in there. [Ariella Rose]
5. After your mother has cleaned and swept your bedroom, including taking your mattresses off the bed and vacuuming underneath, make sure, that very night, to take a box of Oreos into your bed and insist on tucking them in next to you, very tightly. [Yaakov Rose]
6. Look, Ima, I put sand in my hair! [Netanel Klein]

And a seder question for the ages, submitted by Ariella Rose: "Why doesn't Hashem talk to people anymore?"
(If you know the answer (and not the Bais Yaakov "Because we're all horrible, wicked, and evil people and don't deserve it" line), or if, in fact, Hashem does speak to you on a semi-regular basis, please submit your comments below.)

This blog is dedicated to Shoshana B., who promised if I gave her more shout-outs she would join the Loyal Reader Club (I am not above groveling) and to Rachel, who said, "How come you don't blog so much anymore? You need to entertain me."


momz42854 said...

Observation by Gila Leibtag, age 5, "Mommy, Mommy, Haman hated the Jews, Paroah hated the Jews - EVERYBODY hates the Jews!"

Ahava said...

Wow...Gila was funny AND bizarrely observant at age 5. Some things never change...kind of like Pesach. In other news, can I call Aaron when I traif up my kitchen?