Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chag Sameach!

(And kosher, too, if you can swing it. )

A final Pesach poem:

It's finally the seder
The maror is grated
You're munching on karpas
To keep you quite sated
(Ed. note: Don't worry - make sure to only eat a k'zayis - we just eat lots of k'zayises)

Retell the story
Of the Jews and Moses
(Just try to keep your face
From falling in the charoses)

Chag sameach to my readers
To entertain you, I’ll keep tryin’
And l’shanah haba’ah
(...by accident or otherwise)

From the staff of aliyahbyaccident


Cheryl said...

Love it!
Chag Sameach :o)

momz42854 said...

"Moses" and "Charozes"
"Moses" and "Charosses"