Sunday, April 19, 2009

Donny's Trip

Donny has been packed off to America, and the kids have been packed off to gan. Almost lost my legs in the process this morning. (Yaakov was fine with going to gan, but not too keen on me actually leaving him there. However, Ofira managed to detach him from my knee and I made my hasty escape.)

For those of you who are wondering about Donny's itinerary for the trip:

1. Saturday night, midnight: Flight departs. Before going, check that Ariella's PRESENT list is included in carry-on. (Each item is written on a separate piece of paper, for convenience.)

2. Saturday - Sunday: Travel for approximately 23 hijillion hours.

3. Sunday morning: Arrive in San Francisco (and only 6 hours after he left! Cool!)

4. Sunday afternoon: Buy PRESENTS for Ariella.

5. Monday - Friday: Do stuff. Something to do with work.

6. Shabbos: Spend in beautiful Seattle. Make sure to pack Ariella's PRESENTS before getting on flight.

7. Sunday morning: Flight departs.

8. Sunday - Monday: Travel for 23.5 hijillion hours. There's a stopover at some point.

9. Monday afternoon: Arrive back.

10. Monday afternoon, a little later, but not too much: Give Ariella her PRESENTS.

And so we are on our own until next Monday. Yaakov is now the man of the house. God help us all.


momz42854 said...

Well, Yaakov IS almost 3, so it's time for him to handle real long as he can still pee in his diaper.

Leezy said...

If traveling from Israel to Seattle is calculated in the "hijillions" what happens when one travels from Australia to Israel??

(Come on - ISRAEL -USA is a walk in the park!!!)

We live sooo far away from the rest of the world!! :-(