Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our intrepid commenter, Risa, has been foiled by blogspot. Although blospot thinks she has signed up as a Loyal Reader, and therefore does not allow her to sign up again, she does not appear on the list of Loyal Readers! A conundrum, indeed. So in the meantime, until blogspot sorts out their issues, we will welcome Risa as a Loyal Reader in Abstentia.

In other, very exciting news, we are proud to welcome Loyal Reader #19, none other than DADZ! Below is a transcript of the conversation between Dadz and me which led to DADZ becoming our latest LR:

[Dadz and Gila are talking on Skype via our cool webcams. Dadz likes to call during work when he gets bored. This is a frequent occurrence. Somehow, these calls inevitably coincide with Donny and Gila watching Scrubs. Tonight, however, Gila is home alone when Dadz calls.]
D: I should really sign up as a Loyal Reader on the blog.
G: I could tell you how right now.
D: No, no, Momz sent me an email a while ago with instructions. Let me see if I can find it. [Pause.] Here it is: "1. Go to Facebook."
G: Stop right there, Dadz, those are not instructions for the blog. That appears to be instructions for logging onto Facebook.
D: [dejected] Oh.
G: It's okay Dadz, I am here with you, I can help you through this. Go to the blog.
D: Ok, I'm on the blog. It's one of my "Favorites" so it's easy to get to. Uh oh, now we can't see each other!
G: [patiently] No Dadz, you can't see me because you minimized your Skype window when you went to the blog. I, however, can still see you.
D: [uncomprehending stare]
D: Okay, now what?
[Gila walks Dadz through the steps of registering. Luckily, Momz had the foresight to set up a gmail account for him previously, and even luckier, Dadz knew his login and password. He registers.]
D: I did it!
G: [perusing the Loyal Reader list on her computer. It is indeed updated.] Um, Dadz, when I mouse over your picture, it says "Bernad Leibtag."
D: [in frustration] Those idiots!
G: [doesn't have the heart to tell him that it's not blogspot's fault that he typed in his name incorrectly. Decides to let him continue thinking that it's the "idiots'" fault.]
D: But wait, I want to change my name anyway. [Dadz, ALL ON HIS OWN, goes into his Settings and changes his name from "Bernad" to "DADZ." He even fills out the "About Me" section. To wit: "About Me: I'm DADZ." Succinct, that Dadz.]
D: I'm going to call Momz and tell her I did it! I've called her a lot today. I think she's getting a little sick of me.
[Phone ringing.]
M: [who has Caller ID. Picture the eye-rolling in her voice] Yes?
D: I became a Loyal Reader! Okay that's all I have to say.
M: [trying to muster up enthusiasm] Good for you!
D: [finishing up his hard work on blogspot and taking a well-deserved breather.] Hey, now we can see each other again!
G: Yes, Dadz, yes we sure can.
D: Well, I guess that's it. I should probably get back to work. [All that's visible of Dadz by this point is his eyebrows, behind mountains and mountains of tax returns.]
G: Okay, Dadz. You did good tonight. Bye.
D: Bye. 10-4. [He actually said that.]

And that is how Dadz became a Loyal Reader. Kappayim L'Dov!

In other news, I am still awaiting ideas for our 20th Reader Celebration. We are inching inexorably closer every day.... Leave a comment below with your thoughts. Or just one thought, if it's been a tough day. And if the staff of aliyahbyaccident chooses YOUR celebration idea, you will receive a free aliyahbyaccident mug! (That is a lie. But still.)


Anonymous said...

Waiting for that mug...

Risa said...

I rest my case. (See comment from the last post.) I believe that my in-laws' close friend deserves more than just kappayim for registering as a loyal reader (something that I was not able to accomplish). How about a breakfast that does not include cereal the next time he visits the esteemed blogger and her family in Israel? Rugelach perhaps? Maybe just 1000 New Poofahs will suffice.

momz42854 said...

I'm waiting for "Dadz - The Movie" - you've already got one scene written.

Leezy K said...

I'm just awed at the length of conversation that you managed to have with Dadz. The last time we talked on Skype, he got annoyed because the connection wasn't so great and then proceeded to go about his work while Netanel and I watched.