Monday, May 18, 2009

A Solved Mystery

A few welcomes and honorable mentions:

First, an Official Aliyahbyaccident Shoutout to "BubbyT," my third grade morah and Loyal Reader. Apologies for not properly welcoming you earlier! Happy reading!

Now Risa, our erstwhile Anonymous poster and slighted reader: The staff of aliyahbyaccident appreciates your loyal readership and especially your frequent comments. The staff loves commenters and wishes a few more of you would leave a comment every so often (ahem ahem.) However, for some reason you are not appearing on the Loyal Reader list. Perhaps, as you said, it takes some time for the registration to make its way overseas. We suggest you try re-registering so we can give you the warm shoutout you deserve. If you are having any trouble, please don't hesitate to call our VP for Tech Support, Dadz. You can reach him at

And finally, an honorable mention to Richard Weider, a fellow Samsonite and blogger. Thanks for your comments!

Risa and Richard - YOU could be our 19th and 20th Loyal Readers! Remember, when we reach 20 Loyal Readers....hmmmm....well....can't think of anything.....

What do YOU, oh Loyal Readers, think we should do to celebrate reaching 20 Loyal Readers? (Im yirtzah Hashem by all of us, bimhera v'yameinu, amen.)
We welcome your comments below.


Risa said...

I take umbrage with the fact that you tease a good friend of my in-laws about his technological abilities throughout your blog. (I know, I know, it's all in jest!)

momz42854 said...

Oh, Risa, you are so kind. Can we adopt you? Dadz needs an advocate!

Risa said...

Well, I guess given our impending move, that may be possible, especially if my in-laws get sick of me (just kidding)! (I am just not sure what my parents would have to say about it.)