Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Missing Shout-Out?

An anonymous loyal reader has been pointing out to me that I have been remiss in my welcoming of Loyal Readers, and that there is a Loyal Reader that - gasp! - has not received a proper shout-out in the blog. I have perused my notes carefully and I seem to have welcomed all my Loyal Readers when they joined. (And I always know when there is a new one because, pathetic blogger that I am, I eagerly await new Loyal Readers and have been known to refresh the page several times a day to see if the number has gone up.)

In any case, if you, Anonymous, either are the unwelcomed LR or know who the unfortunate soul is, please let me know, either in the Comments section or through an email: gila strudel gilaanddonny nekudah com.

On the same topic, if any other Loyal Readers felt that they were not properly feted (you're impressed with my vocabulary. Admit it. But full disclosure: They use that word a lot in People magazine.), please let me know and we will fete away on the next blog post. (I'm pretty sure that's legal in most countries.)

In any case, I thought this would be an appropriate time to add to my FalafelMark greeting card collection:

On the Occasion of Forgetting to Welcome a Loyal Reader

Thank you for your Loyalty
You make me feel like Royalty
In welcoming you I was remiss
For your readership's worth more than NIS
To Welcome you grandly is what I meant
With love, The Staff of aliyahbyaccident

In other news, there is no other news because thank God everyone went to gan today. I will, however, share two Funny Kid Stories:

Ariella, Future Writer of Technical Manuals
Ariella: You know what, Mommy? After Shabbos, well, I mean on Sunday, I'm going to try something. I'm going to put the DVD in the DVD player upside down, with the picture facing down, and see if it will still work!
Daddy: That is not a good idea, Ariella. You'll probably scratch the DVD. I can explain to you how DVDs work and then you'll understand why you might ruin it.
Ariella [exasperated]: I know how DVDs work, Daddy. You put it in and press "Play."

Yaakov, in "Patience is a Virtue"
[Mommy is putting more cholent on Daddy's plate. Yes, even though it is a hijillion degrees out, we eat cholent. It's called air conditioning, people. And we are real Jews.]
Yaakov: I want cholent.
Daddy: Then you ask nicely, "Please, Mommy, can I have some cholent?" [Daddy repeats this a number of times -"Please, Mommy, can I have some cholent? Please, Mommy, can I have some cholent?" - because it takes a while for Yaakov to internalize these messages. ]
Yaakov [exasperated]: Stop, it Daddy, she's giving you some!

That's all, folks!


BubbyT said...

I love Yaakov's chochma from Shabbos. Was I "properly" welcomed?? I know I was mentioned in relation to your dikduk skills, but welcomed??? I don't know. Anyway, welcome or not, I enjoy your posts...when are the book and movie coming out???

Richard Weider said...

It is nice reading your blog, my wife and I also recently made aliyah and moved to Shimshoni in Modiin.


Leezy said...

Very funny stories!!

Risa said...

Okay, Gila, I confess. It was me! I joined as loyal reader #18 (yes, I am a big loser and wanted to be # chai!). When I log on to your blog, it looks as if I am registered as a loyal reader, but perhaps it didn't make it to your side of the world or perhaps I just missed the shout-out, despite my loyal following of your blog. You did welcome #s 16 and 17 and I eagarly awaited a shout-out because, well, that is how boring my life is. I sincerely apologize for posting those anonymous comments if it caused you any distress. On the brighter side, it gave you something to write about. I guess at this point I don't even deserve a shout-out, but neverthess, I will keep reading your blog because it is just way too funny and entertaining.

sbad said...

I think Donny should be the one writing the parenting book and it should be called 'Please Pass the Cholent'.