Thursday, June 18, 2009


First, a big aliyahbyaccident welcome to Loyal Reader #26 - Dahlia "G!" Dahls and I go waaaayyyy back, back to a simpler time, a time of climbing trees, of bike riding in the alley, of playing kickball in the backyard, of dressing up like New Kids on the Block for Purim. (Note to readers: We didn't actually go through with it; it was just under intense discussion for a while.)
It's good to have you here, Dahls!

Well, there is just SO MUCH to report! Actually, there is very little to report, but I need to post tonight or Momz will cut me out of the will, and Leezy and Aaron will inherit all of Dadz's MBT's. And that would be a real shame. So here I am.

I could write about the children, but they are zombied out in front of "Happy Feet" (for the six hijillionth time, but each time it brings renewed joy and deeper levels of understanding) and not doing anything particularly cute. [To Ariella and Yaakov, should you decide to read this blog later in life: Of course, I think everything you do is particularly cute. You are wonderful and amazing children and I love you every second of the day, and most seconds of the night, provided that you are asleep in your own bed. Just kidding! Even when you are puking in my bed, I still love you. I couldn't ask for better children, and even if I could, I wouldn't because you are perfect in my eyes. (Please don't hate me.)]

I could use the upcoming holiday of Father's Day to roast Dadz, but then I realized "roasting Dadz" is more or less the topic of every third blog post, so that wouldn't be new and exciting.

Then I thought of reflecting on the children's year in gan, since it is almost coming to a close, but everything that I wrote sounded treacly, and the editors of aliyahbyaccident would never go for it.

So I guess it'll just be a poem.
(With apologies in advance to Ahava "More Content Less Poetry" Leibtag.)

I Have Nothing to Say
My mind is a blank
I've got nothing to share.
What can I do?
My cupboard is bare. [That was a metaphor, people.]

Even this rhyme scheme
Is somewhat a bore
For I only have to rhyme
Line Two and Line Four

Dadz has been quiet
(Hope it's only a phase)
And I haven't embarrassed myself
These past few days

So what do I write about?
When the barrel runs low? [Another metaphor; keep sharp, people.]
I welcome your comments
You can leave them below.

Sincerely, the staff of aliyahbyaccident


Ahava said...

Actually I laughed at that one...where's your freaking book deal? That's what you should write about - the AbA challenge- find me a book publisher and you get one million poofahs. Kappayim to the reader who suceeds! And also write about how my word verification for the day was brahunts. Discuss.

Laurie said...

Of course that's a metaphor. The Rose supermarket is never bare, chock full of pasta and tomato sauce for all their friends to borrow! And avocados too!

Dahlia said...

I just want to say, I dont know how Queen Esther ever won out over NKOTB! Thanks for the welcome, love the blog!