Sunday, June 7, 2009

Parents and Dryers

Well, the 'rents have vacated the country, but not to worry! Yaakov is already planning to go visit them. On Sunday. To watch "Monsters Inc." So there's no reason for tears; Momz and Dadz are just an imaginary plane ride away!

Some highlights of the last few days:

Thursday night we all went to the site of our new shul for the tekes, featuring a performance by ARIELLA ROSE and a bunch of other kids who we saw out of the corner of our eyes while we focused our complete and undivided attention on ARIELLA ROSE. The dance was amazing, and we we all in various states of high emotion. She had a great time, and so did Yaakov, who amused himself during the dance and the speeches by killing ants with Doc Hudson. We made our escape after the rabbi's speech (I should clarify; since the dais was filled with a veritable Who's Who of Rabbinic Modi'in, I need to specify which rabbi's speech it was. Here I refer to the rav of our shul, not to be confused with the Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi of Modi'in, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Modi'in, the Rabbi of the Modi'in Hesder Yeshiva, or the Mayor of Modi'in - ok, not a rabbinic figure, but still, he put on a kippah for the occasion. That should count for something.). We then put the kiddies to bed, picked up the babysitter, and headed out to Tel Aviv for some serious meat with Momz and Dadz.

On Shabbos, Yaakov corralled Dadz into doing more puzzles with him. Unfortunately for Dadz, Yaakov chose the 100 piece puzzle which was MISSING its picture! But, kappayim l'Dov - he and Yaakov did finish that puzzle (in the same time it took Momz, Ariella, and me to finish a 500 piece puzzle. I'm just saying.) Dadz insisted that we keep that puzzle completed because he doesn't want to have to do it again when they come for Sukkot.

Today, in celebration of it being June, my dryer broke. The truth is, it was probably my fault. But we won't go into that here. I took some stuff over to Lisa's to dry. Laundry at Lisa' brought back memories of our first few days here in Israel. I took a little stroll down memory lane, and when I finished, I was curled up on the floor, bawling like a baby. (Just kidding! Making aliyah isn't that traumatic! Really it's not!) Anyway, the laundry that I didn't bring is currently draped over every available door in our apartment. Now, being a Real Israeli, Jenny Sassoon said, "You're in Israel! Hang it on the line!" Embarrassingly enough, we don't actually have a laundry line. In one of those Ironies of Life, I had actually called Laundry Lines 'R Us in the morning, before the dryer debacle, because our landlord asked if we could call the Appropriate Powers and get one installed. Apparently, he wants to pretend to be a Real Israeli as well when he makes aliyah. But naturally it will be weeks, if not years, before we see the actual line. So Doors 'R Us it is.

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