Sunday, May 2, 2010

And the Winner Is....

Kol Hakavod to our three Find the Lost Clues participants - Libby, Dadz, and Momz! Though it was a close race, the winner is DADZ, due to his sheer persistence and creativity. Also, he noticed that I left out #6, which was actually inadvertent, but I like his idea that it's because this is Season 6 of Lost. Runner-up is Libby, because she is not only a participant but ALSO a clue.

For those interested, the answers were:

Random Thought #1 - No clues, though both Libby and Dadz came up with interesting ideas.
RT #2 - Desmond in the well
RT #3 - The Incident (referenced in the many Dharma videos)
RT #4 - "Don't tell me what I can't do." - John Locke
RT #5 - The Hatch, natch.
RT #6 - Whoops. Doesn't exist.
RT # 7 - The numbers
RT #8 - A veiled reference to "Dead is dead."

So thanks for playing! Dadz, I'm throwing the log over the Atlantic Ocean right now. Catch!

Ok, no more Lost. I promise. At least for now....

This Shabbat featured the Roses, in their rendition of the famous Pesach song: Paraoh b'pajamaz b'emtzah halaylah.

This song - in which you simply repeat the words, which mean "Pharaoh is in his pajamas in the middle of the night" - has reached venerated status among schoolchildren in Israel. I have no idea why. It's not particularly funny - I mean, aren't most people in pajamas in the middle of the night? I guess the idea is to imagine the powerful Pharaoh running in his little jammies to tell Moshe that his people can leave now, thank you very much. If we're going to start talking about made-up Pesach songs, though, I think the Frog Song beats out Pharaoh b'pajamaz any day.

Anyway, this Shabbat, Mommy, Ariella, and Yaakov were b'pajamaz ALL DAY LONG! That's right! I decided I couldn't make it to shul, and I tried to bribe the kids to go with Donny in the morning. But Ariella would hear nothing of it. What if something exciting happened while she was at shul, like Mommy having the baby on the floor, and she missed it???? So they both elected to stay home. Mommy did not, in the end, have the baby on the floor. Oh well.

I thought at some point Donny would take them to the park, but that never happened, and the kiddies surprisingly managed to entertain themselves pretty much all day. There was a rockin' Smackdown session, featuring Daddy and the Kids, in the afternoon. Otherwise, it was puzzles, reading, dress-up, eating, flying off the couch (Yaakov), and crying that the baby hasn't come yet (Ariella). Repeat until 7:00. We made it! Whoo-hoo! We put the kids in bed and enjoyed the one benefit of summer Shabbat - reading quietly until Shabbat is over. (That is, until Punja makes an appearance.)

All in all, a successful, if lazy, Shabbat. Once motzash arrived, we celebrated Lag B'Omer by....counting the omer. I am personally not so much into the holiday of fire and foil-wrapped potatoes. Last week, Ariella noted that the people doing their "medurot" (bonfires) before Lag B'Omer weren't doing the mitzvah. I had to gently let her down and explain that in fact, there IS no mitzvah of medurah on Lag B'Omer. In fact, the only mitzvah on Lag B'Omer is....counting the omer. We did not make it to any medurot this year, how sad, maybe next year.



I'm so proud of Dadz, or SHOULD I SAY DADZ.

Commenter Abbi said...

My father drove us crazy with that Paroah song. It seems to have reached venerated status for grandfathers who like to belt out repetitious songs as well. Not looking forward to next Pesach!

OneTiredEma said...

having a baby on the floor would have been an excellent excuse for not showing at the park. Alas.

My kids were Obsessed with the bonfires. We could see a bunch from our apt and this meant too many days of late bedtimes and a very pleasant crowbar out of bed experience this morning. At least it's over!

Risa said...

Perhaps you could have entitled the post: Roses b'pajamaz b'emtzah hayom! Also, it's funny that you mentioned the benefit of getting to read quitely until shabbos is over once the kids are asleep on summer shabbatot. I do enjoy that, too. The only problem is that the last two weeks, I feel asleep while reading on the couch and then felt really groggy when it was time for havdalah. I guess I was really tired because shabbos is not entirely a day of rest for the parents of young children. (Perhaps you can write a chapter about coordinating naps, entitled: It's time to go to sleep because Mommy is tired!)

Dadz said...

mother is making fun of me.



Gila Rose said...

Agreed, Risa, it would go in the same chapter as, "I'm cold, put on a sweater."