Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pictures and Conferences

So there was a sign outside Yaakov's gan on Sunday: "Picture Day on Tuesday!" Writing "Picture Day!" on a sign is basically akin to posting: "Yaakov, Time to Get Sick!" So he obliged. Woke up Monday morning complaining that his "forehead hurt." My children are very specific about their head pain. It's never "My head hurts," always, "My forehead hurts." So he was home on Monday, doctor said nothing was wrong, so no diseased stick for us. He came with me to my English chug in the afternoon and participated very nicely by watching a Care Bears video while I taught.

Tuesday he was up from about 3:30 on. No fever, just couldn't go back to sleep. Then, at 6:00, "My forehead hurts again Mommy!" So another day at home with Mommy in pjs. I asked him if he wanted me to take him to gan for his pictures. He looked at me. "No," he said. I might have forgotten to add that:
1. He is a boy
2. He is four
Being at gan for picture day is not really all that high on his list of priorities. I would say it comes after "Learn the difference between numbers and letters" although maybe before "Care what I look like."

So he had a restful, lazy morning, no fever, but not really interested in going to gan. He came again with me to tutoring; this time, I was only able to keep him occupied by letting him watch slide shows of our Picasa pictures on the computer. But we managed. I could tell he was feeling better because he kept begging me to take him outside to play ("Yaakov, see, Mommy has ALSO been up since 3:30 and has no desire to sit with you in a park and watch you fill your pants with sand.") Later, he celebrated his feeling-betterness by chasing Ariella and attempting to beat her up. Where is Smackdown Daddy when you need him? Ariella kindly offered to wrestle with him instead. Hmmm, let me count the ways why the answer is NO.

When he finally went back yesterday, (YAY!) I reread the picture sign. It said, "If you miss picture day, it is your responsibility to take your child to get pictures at Solomon Center."
Solomon Center is a little shopping center right across the street from gan. There were no more instructions. Not where, or what we should do, or if there would be money involved.

So I can only assume their intention is that we just show up one day, in Solomon Center, stand in the middle, hold up Yaakov, a la Simba, and announce, "We are here!" Then, someone will quickly jump out from behind a potted plant and snap Yaakov's picture.

Meanwhile, Ariella's parent-teacher conference was on Tuesday. We are pleased to report that Ariella is doing an amazingly good job of being in kitah aleph. Go Ariella!

Tomorrow is the kochav nolad project, for which Donny and I are going in and playing Pictionary with Ariella's class. Wish us much hatzlachah! We will certainly be needing it!
("Come, boy, to drew the picture over there, on this board. Markers to use here!")


SaraK said...

("Come, boy, to drew the picture over there, on this board. Markers to use here!")

I am laughing so hard, because that is for sure what it sounds like when I speak Hebrew

Risa said...

I like the reference to Simba. The Lion King is one of my favorite movies, although it also made me cry. Perhaps you can hold up little Punja like that once he or she is born (perhaps at the bris or baby-naming if it's a girl). There's got to be some sort of pride rock (even gai'a?) in Modiin, right? Although, do you think that Donny would make a convicing Mufasa?