Monday, May 31, 2010

Incoherent Blatherings

1. If we just dilated to 20 cm instead of 10, wouldn't that make the whole thing easier?

2. Ariella has stopped calling the baby "it." During his first week of life, Ariella found it hard to transition from all those months of referring to the baby as "it" to now referring to the baby as "he." Don't get me wrong, "it" was meant in a loving, big-sisterly way, not a scary, Stephen King-y way.

"Look Mommy, it's scratching its face!"
"I think it just made again!" (That was a popular one.)

It was like instead of a little boy, Mommy had brought home an exotic pet iguana. But now that Nadav has a proper name, he has regained human status and is either referred to as "Nadav" or "Nadavoosh."

(However, the sentiments remain the same. "Look Mommy, Nadav is scratching his face!" "Ooh, Mommy, Nadav just made again!")

3. When Ariella wrote "Punja," she spelled it like this: PUNG'A. Is that girl Israeli or what??

4. I hate hate hate hate baby books. I never remember to write down all those cute things the kids do, then I feel guilty for not writing in it because when they get older Ariella will want to know why there's nothing written about her after she turned four, Yaakov will want to know why there's nothing after he turned two, and Nadav will want to know why I couldn't be bothered to at least write his name on the book. Oy the guilt. Then I'll tell them to read the blog, where I recorded all their cute goings-on, but they might not appreciate some of the entries about them, and I think they will especially resent the name of my book on child-rearing, and then we'll all have to trudge out to therapy at night, when I really just want to be in my pajamas eating ice cream and watching something, though not Lost, because that has now ended, and I have to say, even though I hated the finale at first, it's kind of growing on me and I've made peace with it.

See what I'm saying? Me neither.

5. For those of you wanting to know aliyahbyaccident's opinion on the Flotilla of Fun (which I have been keeping up with via my favorite news source, ....well, then, you probably haven't been reading this blog very long because otherwise you would know that I rarely comment on Unfunny Things. However, you can read very intelligent and interesting viewpoints on the blogs of some of my esteemed bloggy friends: One Tired Ema, Baila, and A Mother in Israel.

Extra Credit: Since I just put Nadav in his crib, under his mobile thingy, in order to finish this post, do you think I should change the name of my book on child-rearing? "Leave Me Alone so I Can Finish This Blog"? Opinions?


mother in israel said...

"Leave Me Alone so I Can Finish This Blog"
Uh oh.You're in trouble now.

Seriously, you're not expected to deal with unfunny things when you have a newborn.

I never wrote anything in a baby book. Glad I was so smart from the beginning. :)

Arica said...

Can I recommend the nickname Nadavipoop? That one is popular here. We also have a few good Nadav songs Danya will be happy to teach you.

LeahGG said...

Our resident big sister refers to the resident little brother as "baby" even though "baby" now weighs roughly as much as a hippo... (seriously... you pick him up!) and can walk even if he refuses to.

miriamp said...

My three year old refers to her new baby brother as "cootie." (Really, she's trying to say "cutie," but I find it vastly amusing that it comes out sounding more like cootie.)

Shira said... depends how long it takes you to write this (eagerly anticipated!) Book- our kids might not know what Newspapers are!
As for the Lost finale, I loved it, then I hated it, then I loved it again. I think in a year or two, I'm going to start from the beginning again! Enjoy the little Pung'a!! We need some new pictures!

Baila said...

Sigh. You are so young. Why would you ever think think you have to ACCOMPANY them to therapy? You send them on their own, dear (better yet, wait 'til they are old enough to pay for it themselves). Then you really can enjoy that pajamas and ice cream.

Risa said...

As a third child, I can totally understand your thinking on baby books. My sister's is well documented with all her milestones, my brother's is almost as detailed, but mine has little more than my name (English and Hebrew), birthdate (English and Hebrew) and length and weight at birth (only in inches and pounds, not centimeters and kilos). As you can tell, over 30 years later this still effects me, but I don't think that therapy is necessary. However, I am just as guilty. I haven't filled out my boys' baby books in months! I think that the proposed title for your highly anticipated book makes sense, especially if you include excerpts from your blog. Lately, I've been telling the older one when the little one gets fussy, "go entertain your brother." That might be a good title for a book on child-raising, too. Hope all is well and that you are getting some rest. (I am all about napping!)

Kathleen said...

I think both titles are good ones, but Shira does bring up a good point. Newspapers will be around for a bit longer though, right?
I didn't do the traditional baby books (I lost my oldest son's and didn't try with the other 3). I basically have journals for each of them although the content is much less for each one. So basically, I blog the old fashioned way :) (except in 3 different journals, not one)

Gila Rose said...

Nadavipoop. Kind of sums up the entirety of his existence. I like.

Leah - Yaakov, too, has rarely used Nadav's name, preferring to refer to him solely as "the baby."

Baila - thanks for the advice! Do they do 5-night-a-week therapy??

Risa - your third-child insight is invaluable. I will dedicate the chapter "You're Bored? That's Why We Had More Kids. Go Find One." to you.

OneTiredEma said...

Blogging renders baby books unnecessary. The end. Because, honestly, who really cares about weight and pooping? It's all about the stories you want to tell the future spouses.