Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ernesta's Tale

Well, I'm back. Some of you may not have known I was gone, but my beloved computer - Ernesta - was under the weather for a while. It started last Friday, when I turned it on and it beeped (never a good thing) and said, "Fan Error." After numerous attempts, we finally got it started, and it was making a strange whirring noise. "You know," Donny said slowly, "I think it may be a fan error." This is why he is so successful at his job.

So like generation of manly men before him, Donny concocted a DIY solution: Prop the computer up on little cardboard boxes, thus allowing air to circulate. It worked! For a day. Then the whirring noise returned. So we called the IBM service center in Israel. They have this great system where no one can actually answer your question. They just throw the phone back and forth to each other. "You need a new fan? Let me transfer you to the sales department."

"You want a new fan? Well, I need the item number. Let me transfer you to the support department."

“You want a new fan? This is the support department, you need sales. Let me just…”

“NO! I scream. Please, please, just let me order a fan.”

Then they told us if we wanted them to install it, it could take up to (gulp) five days. Donny looked up fan installation instructions online, and it turned out they were super-complicated. Not like, “Insert Fan Here, Stupid.” The entire computer had to be taken apart, beyond even Donny’s capabilities. Ernesta would have to go.

So on Tuesday morning, I bid Ernesta a sorrowful goodbye and Donny gently took her to the hallowed lands of Givat Shmuel. I prayed for Ernesta’s speedy and safe and speedy return.

Of course, when Donny got to the service center, they were mightily confused that we were bringing it in to get fixed, yet had already ordered the part. They didn’t know where to send him – Sales? Support? Sales? Support? It was befuddling, to be sure; the employees had to be sent home early, holding wet washcloths to their heads and mumbling feebly.

Luckily five days turned out to be one, and on Wednesday afternoon I got the much-anticipated phone call saying that my computer was ready!! Yippee-kie-ay! It was 2:00. Ariella was already home, and I figured if I went right away, I could avoid traffic. So I picked up Yaakov (because really, what’s fun with 2 kids is even more fun with 3!) and off we went.

Aside for the big children deciding a computer-service center is a great place for a game of tag – and here I was worried Nadav would be the problem. Ha! – and of course, the double-line-waiting (You pick up your computer here, but you pay for it here), it went pretty smoothly. That is, until I drove home and ended up on Kvish 4 going the wrong way. Ha ha! Drat you, signless intersection in Givat Shmuel! Luckily, it was fairly easy – even for someone as directionally-challenged as I am – to turn around at the next exit. We only lost 15 minutes. And even luckily-er I had Shugis for the big kids, and a pacifier for the little one. We were home by 4:00, just in time for Ariella to have a playdate. And for Ernesta and me to have an emotional reunion.

So, folks, I am happy to report Ernesta is back with us, whir-less and better than ever! Yay!


momzwifeofdadz said...

You MUST explain how you came to name your laptop Ernesta. Although it sounds oddly like something from Harry Potter. Ernesta Blumblepot, who teaches Computers Against the Dark Arts, or something.

Shira said...

So happy to have you back! And I must say, I just laughed so hard at your Momz comment, my Yaakov and his playdate came running in from the other room to see what was so funny!

Anonymous said...

how do you make something like a broken computer funny? Can you come work for me again?

Kathleen said...

Welcome back!! So glad that Ernesta has been repaired and is keeping cool again. My computer had to be rebuilt because it was overheating, so it's good that Ernesta gave you a fan error message!
Post offices are another great place to play tag...

OneTiredEma said...

Oh, no, the newborn is *never* the problem. Unless there's a diaper blowout.

And north on 4 isn't so bad...there's the beach in Netanya. What, you don't have an enormous bag of sand toys in your trunk? Just me?

PS Kiki the Nokia n97 sends her warmest regards to welcome Ernesta back to the neighborhood.

Risa said...

I guess your computer was rebelling against the recent heatwave. Momz, your comment is hysterical! Gila, poofahs to you for venturing out with all three kids to get your computer repaired. I hope that you celebrated with Ben & Jerrys!

Debbie said...

I'm so happy I just found your blog! We are still in the US hoping one day to make aliyah - so finding blogs of others who have made aliyah already is always exciting!

Gila Rose said...

Donny will soon be posting a lengthy dvar torah in Hebrew explaining how Ernesta got her name.

Ernesta says "hey" back to Kiki and hopes to meet up at Aroma one day.

Risa - B&J is not to be wasted on the kids, who are happy with 3 shekel ice pops.

Debbie - welcome! glad to have you on board!

Baila said...

My heart goes out to you, being without Ernesta for so long. How ever did you fill your time? Did you film the emotional reunion? Perhaps you could post it.

Risa said...

Donny, of course. I should have explained that I meant that I hope Gila treated herself to Ben and Jerrys without the kids.

JonnyC said...

Donny pointed me in your direction. Apparently this fan error thing is infectious - and my little shvartze buddy just caught it!
How much did the whole shenanigans cost you (except the gas, insurance and ageing)?

Gila Rose said...

I'm sorry to hear the virus is catching. It cost about 500, for the part and installation. Refuah shelaymah.