Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly News with Aliyahbyaccident

In today's segment of The World According to Yaakov:

Book: "Why don't people live on the moon?"

Yaakov: "Because we don't have anything to fly with, so how would we get there?"

And now for today's "Huh?" moment:

Yaakov [excitedly]: Mommy, Mommy, know what? Nadav... Nadav... smells like Zaidy!

Moving on....

Introducing a new segment called Games Kids Play
This one is called "Gan" and it is generally played on Shabbat. You probably remember playing something similar when you were young. You'd take out a three or four stuffed animals and pretend to be the teacher. Cute, right? Of course, because this is Israel, when Ariella and Yaakov play, out comes every. single. animal. we own. All 30-40 of them. Gan was at full capacity, with all the kids squished together on the "shatiach" (aka our bathroom rugs). Then, Yaakov leads davening, careful to stop every few minutes and reprimand the kids for not listening. Duck even got sent out of the circle. (I have an uncomfortable feeling that "Duck" may have represented "Yaakov.")

And now a Special Birthday Message
Ariella turned SEVEN last Friday (which is when I actually started this post). Can't believe she's seven. Almost as crazy as Yaakov being five. (Waaaaait a minute....)

Anyway, I won't get all goopy and sentimental and talk about how much we love Ariella, blah blah blah. Because let's face it, she's our kid. Of course we love her. It's like Ben & Jerry's. Of course we love New York Super Fudge Chunk. New York Super Fudge Chunk does not have to do anything to earn our love. We love it simply because it exists. Same with kids.

And we would love her even if she were dull and ugly and dumb. Lucky for us, she's funny and beautiful and smart. And, of course, she's our first, paving the way so that we can actually become good parents for Yaakov and Nadav.

Every time she reaches a new age, a new milestone, we think, Wow, this is great, this is the perfect age. But if there's one thing she's taught us well, it's that every age is the perfect age, because we just really enjoy watching her grow and become the pretty great kid that she is. So Ariella, (this is for when you read the blog, because I know from Arica that children do, eventually, read the blog....), just keep growing and becoming and know that we love you. Even more than New York Super Fudge Chunk.


Kathleen said...

I enjoyed hearing about them playing Gan, and duck. Our stuffed animals get a lot of time outs...
Happy Birthday to Ariella! I've always thought that each age just gets better.

Risa said...

From your description of Israeli gans, the 30-40 stuffed animals representing the number of students make sense. Does Donny at least know how many years you've been married (and when your anniversary is)?
By the way, no joke, the word verification word for this comment was "magoge" (as in Gog u'Magoge? I know- doesn't need the "e" at the end, but still interesting) Does that mean mashiach is coming???

Baila said...

Happy birthday to Ariella, the child who made you a mom. There really is something special about that. (And every age does get better. I just could do with a little less cellphone usage.)

Shira said...

Happy Birthday to Ariella!! I really do agree-so far, every age we get to, I think- this is the best one yet.

Laurie said...

Happy birthday Ariella!!!!

trn said...

Happy birthday to the brilliant Ariella!

OneTiredEma said...

Now I want Ben & Jerry's. Thanks.

(They have the mini cups @ SuperKaizer!!!)

Gila Rose said...

Thanks for the bday wishes! Ben & Jerry's all around!

dj said...

hi gila,
just wanted to say i discovered your blog today and i'm really enjoying it!


Gila Rose said...

Welcome DJ! Glad to have you with us!