Monday, June 7, 2010


A wise man (Hillel, probably. Or Shammai. Or maybe Rabbi Akiva. They were always spouting wise sayings. Or maybe it was Benjamin Franklin. Anyway...) once said, חנוך לנער על פי דרכו

And indeed, each of the children continues to grow and accomplish many accomplishments, each in his or her own special way. Without giving away names, I will regale you with some of these latest, very accomplished accomplishments:

1. One child knows how to read and write stories in two languages. On Friday afternoon, this child read an entire, not-so-short story about Eliezer Ben-Yehuda (who is famous, of course, for inventing Fro-Yo), stopping only to share some exciting tidbit of information with the parents.

2. Another can hop on one foot for an extended period of time.

3. And one lifts his (or her! Not giving anything away here) head admirably while lying on stomach during the dreaded "tummy time." (Same child has also mastered "The Diaper's Off! Time To Poop!" and the "Spit and Mash," you know, where you spit up and mash your face in it.)

I will leave it to you to figure out which accomplishment goes to which child. We are equally proud of all of them.

Last night was Yaakov's mesibat siyum. Although there are still 3 weeks of school left, the teacher is about to have a baby, so they pushed up the date of the end of year party. Yaakov was a bit confused about this. He kept emphatically insisting, "Mommy, after my mesiba, ZEHU im Gan Almog!" I tried explaining that despite the name, it was not quite the "end" yet, and he would in fact be returning to Gan Almog come Monday morning. (Also, he will be there for "camp" in July and then return for "school" in September. So we're not "zehu im Gan Almog" for another year and 3 weeks.)

I did not attend the party, since I had the other 2 children to attend to. Ariella would have happily babysat Nadav, but as she is still a bit young and his head is still a bit floppy, I decided to stay and supervise. Luckily, Yaakov's not the kind of kid who cares about these things. He was perfectly happy to have a man's night out with Daddy. From what I heard, he sang and danced with panache and ate borekas and watermelon equally panache-ily.

Meanwhile, Nadav and I are enjoying Newborn Land. Like going into Aroma, buying an iced coffee and a blueberry muffin (hey, a girl's gotta eat), and that's it. No buying anyone a shoko, no having to share the muffin. Nadav just hangs out in the stroller, sleeping and making the occasional spit bubble. It's quite nice.

Also, unlike his older brother, Nadav does not make us chase him for kisses. We can kiss his smushy cheeks all day. And he can't run away! [Insert evil cackle here.] He doesn't particularly care for it; he has a rather bored, blase look on his face during the proceedings. Unless he's hungry, in which case kissing him on the cheeks results in him trying to eat your face off. But he doesn't run away either. So we like that.

And that is all for my weekly update.


Risa said...

Mazel tov on all of the kids' milestones. (It would've been a bit harder to guess which milestone belonged to which child had you not put the accomplishments in age order, but that's okay. I am sure that you are sleep deprived.) I am glad that you are enjoying mommyhood with Nadav. The fact that you would not leave Ariella home yet to watch Nadav is a testiment to the fact that you are a good mother! (Perhaps in a couple months- just kidding!) Have you ever seen the Everybody Love Raymond episode where Ray says: "we've raised the one that will raise the other ones"? Food for thought! (Also, a good title for a chapter in your much awaited book on parenting!)Poofahs for you for posting on a weekly basis with a new baby! Wow! Your readers thank you.

Rachel said...

Mishlei! I know that one!

Isobel Phillips said...

Thought you would like to know that Google translated your pithy saying somewhat less-pithily (or leth-pithily) as "Enoch boy in his own way". Where would we be without the big G?

Gila Rose said...

Risa - I had to give the readers SOME clue, otherwise it would have been impossible to guess.

Rachel - darn, that means I was wrong on all 3 counts. Don't tell my teachers at Bais Yaakov.

Good old Google! You think with all that money they could find someone to translate stuff correctly.