Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beginning of Week Ramblings

Sorry to throw you all - I know I usually save ramblings for the end of the week. But we at aliyahbyaccident like to switch things up, keep you on your toes, make life interesting, so we're doing our ramblings at the beginning of the week. Also, we didn't have time to post on Friday.

1. Why is it that alcohol is so freely available here, and yet purchasing Tylenol requires feats of ingenuity and many meters of patience? If you want beer, wine, whiskey, Scotch, vodka - just go into any supermarket or makolet and fill your cart. You can even start drinking in the store, like a woman today did in the middle of Rami Levi. (Okay, she was drinking from a juice carton, but still.)

But regular OTC painkillers are only available at the pharmacy, and if you want to buy more than 20 pills, then you have to wait in line for the pharmacist, because the mega-boxes are only available BTC, and in front of you, naturally, are people who have never purchased Band-Aids before in their life, and need to hold intricate discussions with the pharmacist about the how-tos of their purchases. ("You're saying that the sticky part goes on your skin? Could you show me?")

If you didn't need that Tylenol before coming in, you sure do now.

2. In other shopping-related angst: I got a Bagger Boy at Rami Levi today! Hoo-ha! However, that explains why, when I was putting the packages in the car, there was one bag filled to bursting with 2 jars of tomato sauce, a large can of diced tomatoes, a package of rice, a package of sugar, and a can of baked beans. And another bag containing 4 rolls.

3. Another non-strike strike: Last night we got a text. The saya'ot (assistants) in the ganim were preparing to strike. Usually, this means that gan opens at 8:00 (when the head ganenet arrives) instead of 7:30, and it will only open if there is a parent volunteer who can fill the place of the assistant. The text said that the tzaharon morah would fill in, thereby depriving us of the privilege of assisting in a class of 35 3/4 year olds. However, this came at a cost of 10 shekel per child. I was more than ready to pay, because the other option was

A. Volunteering myself (Ha!)

B. Not sending Yaakov (Ha ha!)

In the end, the strike was canceled, and everything was "ragil."

But can someone please explain how this system works? I know we haven't been here all that long, but why is it every time the gans strike it's the saya'ot that strike? Do the head gananot ever strike, or are they just very happy and content with their jobs? And if that's the case, maybe the Saya'at Union should hire whoever works for the Head Ganenet Union because he or she is clearly doing a much better job.


Isobel Phillips said...

Interesting about the Tylenol. My mercolet - well it FEELS like mine cos I go there everyday to embarrass myself - sells Nurofen and something that I think is Extra Strong Nurofen in boxes of 32. Incredibly expensive - but it's there.


OK, out must-have contents for the MOMZANDDADZ Lift begins:

1. Suisse Mocha - 3 tons
2. Extra strength Excedrin - 7000

Keep those hints coming please.

BubbyTova said...

for momwifeofdadz: bring lysol...we couldn't find any there

Bethami said...

we always get bagger boys at r.l. and i always have to resist the urge to teach them how to do it better. i mean the poor kids, don't even know how to organize a good shopping bag. my results are usually only confused or dirty looks.

Gila Rose said...

Oooh Isobel you are living the life! Buying painkillers in the makolet! Jealous!

B - yeah, you gotta let them do their thing. They'll learn. Maybe. Or not. Yeah, probably not.


Imagine - these bagger boys are the country's future members of Tzahal. "Hey, Ziv, do you think we should put the tank on top of our tent for safekeeping?"

Risa said...

Based on this blog post, Momz should stock up on Infant and Children's Tylenol and bring it for your kids, Gila.

Dorona said...

Again,I need to leave an annoying I'm-more-Israeli-than-you comment: Saaya'ot get paid by municipality. Gananot by Misrad Hachinuch. Municipality was striking,not Misrad Hachinuch. Not sure what happens during a Misrad hachinuch strike- do the Saya'ot just hang out in Gan?

Gila Rose said...

Momz - kudos on your very LOL comment!

Dorona - thank you! It's good to have a Real Israeli read the blog and answer these burning quesitons.

faith/emuna said...

i think we should go on an aba field trip to isobel's makolet.

Kathleen said...

I have one of those must bring with us lists too. Yes, keep the tips coming!
Bounty paper towels are on the list too Momzwifeofdadz (of course, you probably already know that b/c I think I heard it here. And your second comment about the bagger boys was too funny!