Monday, January 24, 2011

Driving Miss Rose

Background: This coming Friday night, we are hosting some of Donny's (not dati) colleagues for Friday night dinner.


Scene: The Shabbat table

Ariella: Are we having company this Shabbat?

Me: No, but next week we're having Daddy's friends from work.


Ariella: So, they live in Modiin? (Strange, you'd think we would have seen them before.)

Me: No, in Tel Aviv.


Ariella [incredulously]: So they're going to walk all the way from Tel Aviv and then all the way back???

Donny: They're going to come here before Shabbat starts.

Ariella: But they still have to walk back!

Me: Well, we're going to offer them a place to sleep here, but if they don't want to, they can choose to drive back.


Since we live in Modiin - not only in Modiin, but directly above that renowned thoroughfare known as Sderot "Rat-a-tat-tat" Hashmonaim - Ariella is certainly aware that people drive on Shabbat. We've had many discussions about not Jewish vs. not dati, different levels of mitzvah observance, etc. So she accepted the fact that they would drive back on Shabbat.

Unlike a colleague of Donny's, who grew up on a religious yishuv and thought that cars simply did not work on Shabbat. They were just programmed to shut off every 7th day. For better or worse, Ariella is wise about the world. She even knows about issues:

Yaakov: Awiella, what aww issues?

Ariella: Yaakov, issues are things you have.



Hello awardee! Mazel tov! Kiddush? Heck, I think this calls for a sit down luncheon with real plates and silverware!

Baila said...

When my kids were little, being raised NOT in Israel, they'd loudly ask about everyone we passed, Shabbat or not, "HEY. Is that man JEWISH????"

This post made me think of that.

Risa said...

Mazel tov on the well-deserved award! As usual, I enjoyed this blog entry. I remember my mother explaining to me the difference between "chiloni" and "lo yehudi" when I was about four or five years old. This post reminded me of that.

Gila Rose said...

Yeah, and Donny and I were getting all nervous during the conversation, how are we going to explain this, etc. but of course in the end she took it all in stride.