Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Incoming Transmission

[Crackle, crackle, static, crackle]

"Come in Baby Nadav, come in, come in."

[Nadav inserts the two fingers of his left hand into his mouth.]

"Hold on, just adjusting my Internal Oral-Appendage Transmitter." [Suck, suck]

"Okay, the I-OAT is in place."

"Baby Nadav, this is Baby Bjorn. We have a mission for you."

[Crackle, static, crackle]

"Baby Nadav, I repeat, this is Baby Bjorn. Do you read me? You're not coming in clearly. Try sucking harder on those fingers." [Pause.] "Yes, much better."

"Okay, Baby Bjorn, can you read me now?"

"Loud and clear. Baby Nadav, we have received your next assignment. You rose through the ranks quickly, aceing your Oatmeal Smear and passing Floor Licking with flying colors. Your next mission is more challenging - you must find the garbage can and topple it. So hard that the contents are scattered all over the floor. Do you understand???"

"Yes, sir. Garbage. Topple it. I'm on it. You can count on me."

"We knew we could, Baby Nadav, we knew we could. This is Baby Bjorn, over and out."

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SaraK said...

Wow, sounds like a blast in your house.