Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is It Naptime Yet?

Well the Nachlieli has landed and will be home shortly. So I wave goodbye to my evenings of Private Practice + Cocoa Krispies. But don't feel too bad, because I can now welcome back evenings of How I Met Your Mother + Milkies.

We have had some late nights, here in the Rose household, and I am hoping today will be a more calm, shlep-less sort of day. On Sunday, Ariella went straight to a friend's after school to work on a project that's due this Friday. The busy life of second graders - last Sunday, the mother of the other girl and I tried to pick a day, but every single night was taken, either with chugim or birthday parties. So the first available night for these busy social parparim was this Sunday night. Meanwhile, Yaakov had to go to a birthday party.

Of course, it was pouring Sunday evening when I had to take Yaakov to the party. I decided (in my head), that I would wait until I saw another mother go in to the party and ask her to escort Yaakov, because Nadav was with me and my Car Babysitter was working on her project. ("Dear Moriah, Ariella was unable to do her project. She needed to sit in the car with Nadav.")

And just as I pulled up I saw my opportunity. The only hitch was that I sort of hadn't explained this plan to Yaakov, so he was a bit dazed as I yanked him out of the car, threw his sweatshirt on, tossed him the present, and shoved him toward Ima shel Ido "HicanyoutakeYaakovup? Greathanks!" I think Ima shel Ido was a bit dazed, too.

Yaakov was not too traumatized by my bad parenting; later, he gleefully related how he and Ido had to step in puddles to cross the street.

For the pick-up portion of the evening, my plan was to first get Car Babysitter, and then get Yaakov, but the girls needed every extra second possible. So I went to the party, parked (it had stopped raining) and dragged Nadav inside with me.

Inside was a haze of end-of-party craziness. Kids smeared in chocolate, wandering around shoeless, waiting not-so-patiently for their goody bags. I needed to round up 5 boys and take them down to their waiting parents. Until we located everyone's umbrella, sweatshirt, shoes, then put on the shoes, and got the goody bags...well, it was starting to get close to my bedtime. Eventually, boys were rounded up, Ariella was retrieved (with the project only half done), and everyone got into bed. Cue Cocoa Krispies.

Last night, Ariella went straight to her friend's again to finish the blessed project. (Is it bad that when I read in the daf kesher: "For the end of Parshat Lech L'cha, instead of a test, the children will be creating projects," my heart sank?) Our contribution to the project was hosting the brother of Project Girl for a playdate here, and it ended in another late night.

Good news: The other family did the driving for the Child Exchange Program.
Bad news: It was shower night.

We needed 2 episodes of Private Practice to take the edge off.


Commenter Abbi said...

Birthday party dropoff and pickup is the absolute worst. I can so empathize. Especially with a baby. I try to help as much as possible, to get good karma when i need help. Last time I asked for help though, one of the my daughter's friends who i was taking home forgot her sweater, went back to get it, then was trapped by the parents who wouldn't let her go without a parent. :/ Can't win.

OneTiredEma said...

OMG I am sorry I was not in town to help! (The parents shel Ido are very nice though. Abba shel Ido took AM home that time there was a birthday party on Tuesday.)

In the future try the Negev; it doesn't rain nearly as much.

And you totally deserved cocoa kripsies AND a milky.


I didn't get the Nachlieli reference. Is this something I will only understand after we make aliyah. That's sooo long to wait.


Oh! Oh! I meant NOT SO LONG AT ALL. That's what I meant. Like Pesach, it's practically here!

Gila Rose said...

Momz - Nachlieli is kind of like the national bird. It symbolizes the arrival of fall or something. You know, "fall," when it's still a million degrees out but it gets dark early so we can tell ourselves it's not summer anymore.

faith/emuna said...

wow gila kapayim for the nachleili metaphor! MOMZ (may i call you that?) nachleili is a harbinger (i am so proud that i have a brain cell left that remembers that word) of autumn, which, as gila said, is a pseudo season here, made up so that the ganenot of the country have something to do with the kids btwn the tishrei chagim and chanuka. (in the us halmark makes up the holidays, here its the gananot) (who incidently get blamed later on in life when kids have been misinformed of things. so it all kind of even outs at the end)

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Gila Rose said...

f/e - exactly - thanks for the in-depth explanation.

Kathleen said...

"We needed 2 episodes of Private Practice to take the edge off" LOL!

Gila Rose said...

Kathleen you are welcome any time for PP and CK.

Esther said...

You actually read the daf kesher?!!!