Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pesach: The Abridged Version

Well, soon Pesach will be just a distant memory. If it isn't already. Yaakov has been celebrating Lag B'Omer for a few days now. And I know you are all still wondering - how did aliyahbyaccident celebrate Pesach?

Well, it's like the pictures. In America, I used to buy prints fairly often, and of course I would buy tons. Because the picture of Yaakov holding the lulav is cute, and so is the picture of him holding the lulav AND etrog. Here, I have found it very difficult to buy prints, so I end up buying them once or twice a year. And when you only buy pictures every six months, suddenly you realize that, really, the one picture of all the kids with a lulav is all you need. (Not that you're not adorable Yaakov, with the arba minim or without.)

It's the same with blogging. Now that so much time has gone by since Pesach, I realize I don't need to bore you with every excruciating detail of every day. But I don't want to leave you hanging. So I present to you:

ABA's Pesach in 100 200 Words or Less (Not Including the Title)

Shabbat Hagadol with extended Samson family in Ashkelon hotel. Family nice, but food Pesach. :P

Erev Pesach - Nadav scared of Bubby and Zaidy, so did prep with baby glued to my arms. Found and burned chametz. Goodbye chametz.

Seder – kids sang, very cute, had good time, everyone ate, drank and pointed (except when not supposed to.)

Wednesday – went to beach, big “happening” near beach. Lots of traffic – bad, but empty beach – good! First of many lunches of chips, veggies and ice cream. Left car lights on, dead battery, whoops. Steak and French fries for dinner. Mmmm.

Thursday – climbed Masada. Well, to cable cars. Climbed on ruins, Nadav played in dirt.

Friday – rained a little, went to Appalonia anyway. More ruin climbing and nice views. No one wants Pesach rolls anymore.

Shabbat – Yaakov turned 5 (English). “But we forgot to give out the invitations!” Birthday/birthday party confusion.

Sunday – Mini Israel. Climbed Masada again. Returned home for more cooking/cleaning.

Final – had matzah party as chag ebbed away. Then I sat on couch as Donny un-Pesached the house.

Tuesday – food shopping, bank, park Canada. Nadav played in dirt. Macaroni and cheese for dinner. Mmmmmm.

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MomzWifeofDADZ said...

How about Friday's big event - Nadav looked at AND smiled at Bubby.