Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saba and Sarah: The Final Frontier

Yaakov pees in the toilet? Dadz is on Facebook? What is the world coming to???? The next thing you'll be telling me is that Donny was voted "Most Likely to Dance on a Table" at the yearly Microsoft awards party. The truth is, I only think it's Dadz on Facebook. Hard to tell, since he hasn't put up a picture or done much of anything except join. Although, come to think of it, that's exactly how I know it is Dadz. I was going to ask him to write on my Wall, but afraid the office manager would yell if there was permanent marker all over his screen.

Today, we welcomed Saba and Sarah who are visiting with us for a month. Really, I should say that we welcomed Saba, Sarah, and NEW TOYS! The kiddies are very excited about their new train set, video camera, and remote control cars that they can send zooming around the apartment. Also, they're excited to see Saba and Sarah, but that's beside the point. We are a happening place now, toys-wise! Luckily for Yaakov, some of the toys required a SCREWDRIVER! He was able to spend some quality time jamming the screwdriver into random parts of the toy car, and the apartment, and then complain "It's not working!"

In other Yaakov news, he has proven himself to be a true boy by....losing his first kippah! He wore it to gan on Sunday, and promptly lost it by Sunday afternoon. Luckily, one of the other little kids found it in the backyard and returned it.

Anyway, I am super-tired because Yaakov insisted on sleeping "commando" last night, and he did pretty well . . . until 5:30, when he appeared at my beside, soaked and crying. I changed him and let him lie in my bed for a while (a better alternative to changing his sheets at that hour). He was quite jazzed that he was able to be in Mommy's bed. "Guess what?" he told me, with a huge grin, when he got up (which was about ten minutes later). "I can sleep in your bed now because....I'm bigger!" Looks like we need to have a little lesson entitled: "Things You Can and Cannot Do When You are 'Bigger.' CAN: Pee on Toilet, Put Bowl in Sink, Earn Money. CAN'T: Cross Street by Yourself, Drive the Car, Sleep in Mommy's Bed."

Rena: I was alerted by email of your comment and registration as a Loyal Reader. However, neither is appearing on the blog! I see that Blogger is now out to foil a new Loyal Reader. Arggghhh!! Blogger – you shall not prevail! Anyway, Rena, I suggest you speak to Risa – she knows how to outwit them.

Zehava: re your mother’s comment that teaching them how to drive is ten times worse than teaching them how to pee in a toilet. Please invite your mother to come to Israel in about 11 years. We’ll be just about ready then.


Momz's Real Daughters said...

oh-seven-oh eight-oh nine
Of course your sisters wouldn't forget your big day! Just wanted to wish you a very special early happy birthday. Please keep us updated on the festivities. Obviously we are planning a gala coat sale for the occasion, pending the summer solstice.

Gila Rose said...

my sisters remembered! thank you! too bad i gave away all of my belted and hooded coats before moving to the land of Eternal Sun...

Rena said...

i finally join and blogger can't even make officially offical?! unbelievable.

Rena said...

ps-i can see my comments on both posts. but maybe that's just because i'm logged in as me.