Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dude, that cloud looks like an elephant!

How many of you can say, "Thursday was fun. I rode on a toilet!"? (I am hoping here the answer is no one.) But more on that in a minute.

First, let me offer Cheryl and Arica a cup of coffee while they catch up. Glad the blog is bringing people together.

In response to some of your comments, which have been plentiful lately:

Momz - it always said that. Keep up.

TRN - yes, this is a question I often ask myself. I am relieved when I get home and the groceries are organized according to section (well, except for the random bag.) However, the bagging and carting race is not good for my nerves. What do you think, Loyal Readers? Do you prefer bagging yourself, which is more work but produces better results, or a hired "bagger," who relieves you of the work but puts 5 bottles of seltzer in one bag, and a lone package of tissues in another, and your eggs underneath the canned corn?

Risa - the Hebrew teachers teach us the wrong stuff on purpose. It's a conspiracy, man! They think it's funny. Then they call their friends back in Israel and laugh at us.

But back to the toilet.
Yesterday began our "Chofesh HaGadol." Donny began his vacation, and we took the kids to Beit Chalomotai, this fun water park/Gymboree type place. The kids had a blast. There were water slides and other water shpritzy things, then a bunch of "dry" activities, including a massive jumping around area with a ball pit and climbing apparati (which, yes, in case you were wondering, Yaakov DID pee on. I could write a tour guide book soon, "Peeing by Accident: Yaakov's Guide to the Best Places To Let Loose." One of the stranger activities they had was this contraption which rained down balls on you - it looked like it hurt - and then the kids ran around, gathering up the balls and putting them back into the contraption, which whoooshed the balls back up to the basket, where they rained down on you - ouch - and then you start all over again.

But by far the STRANGEST ride in the place was the Toilet Ride. It's sort of this mini go-cart ride, indoors, where you sit on yes, a toilet, and ride around the little track for about 3 minutes. The kids each needed a grownup on their john, so Donny and I got to ride as well. The ride, of course, is called "Cocka-meeka." (Can you imagine a ride in America called the "DoodyMobile????") Israelis are such a creative people!

Today we went to the beach. We had much fun getting wet and sandy and sticky. The lifeguards are very vigilant. They make sure no one goes out too far in the water, and call people out who are not following the rules. I'm not sure who it was, but let me tell you, "Adoni" and "Geveret" are in SUCH trouble! They were getting yelled at all morning! Plus they never seemed to know where their children were. Some people should just stay home, you know?

I would also like to thank the two dudes next to us who were thoughtful enough to bring their cigarettes and their bong. When Ariella and Yaakov started dancing around on the mat and laughing hysterically at stupid jokes, we figured it was time to leave.

Sunday begins our vacation to the north. If Donny can get the wireless card to work on my computer, I will hopefully be sending dispatches from the Kinneret.

Also, a happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Ayelet (that's Rebbetzin Leibtag to you Chicagoans), and my Aunt Deborah, and a "Happy Anni-grocery" (to quote Tani) to Leezy and Elie! Five years, for those of you who are counting. In Israel, 5 years is the Shoko Anniversary. (For 10 you get shwarma. I'm looking forward.)


OneTiredEma said...

OMG Taxman will be THRILLED to hear that 10 years is the shwarma anniversary! He only has to wait four months! We made aliyah just in time. But when is the falafel anniversary? Or is that celebrated every week?

I am obsessively stealing notes for next summer when we need things to do. Or next week.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the shoutout, but I don't drink coffee ;o)

Do the Chicago Leibtags actually read your blog??


I am happy to report that part of the Baltimore contingent of Loyal Readers had a brief meeting this morning at the brit of one of MOMZREALDAUGHTERS' new baby boy. It was a wonderful event, and the brit was OK, but the real highlight was regaling each other with stories of how addicted we are to the blog. I tell you, it was therapeutic. Oh, and the baby is reallllly cute, as are MOMZANDDADZ' other grandkids. Mazal tov!

Dadz said...


Gila Rose said...

Dadz, I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm pretty sure this was NOT one of the funniest blogs ever. Perhaps YOU were sitting too close to our beach dudes also?

Baila said...

We'll be up North as well. But we're leaving the bong home.

OneTiredEma said...

Good grief, is NOBODY going to be in Modiin this week? We're finally arriving! Where are the trumpets and banners?

ViKa said...

haha i love israelis, they'll always think of the randomest things.. a doody mobile? oy vey.