Thursday, August 6, 2009

Traifin' up the traifin'!

Lots of exciting things happening here in Aliyahbyaccident Land! (It's the new amusement park I'm developing; all the workers speak gibberish, it's always freakin' hot, and you are constantly being charged a 2 shekel fee. For what, we don't tell you. But don't worry - there is unlimited SHOKO B'SAKIT!)

First, we are now NUMBER ONE in traifin'! There was really no need for the title, but I wanted some extra security.

Second, we are just racking up the Loyal Readers! Whoo-hoo!

1. Loyal Reader 36, SHANA, as it turns out, is none other than my long-lost cousin (and friend), Shana "Eh?" Leibtag! Welcome Shana! You are already a Capital Letter Loyal Reader, because you are now one of my "followers." Don't worry, we don't chant weird things or wear robes. That's why I like "Loyal Reader" better than "follower;" sounds less cultic. Everyone together now: aliyahbyaccident, aliyahbyaccident. Ommmmm. Ommmmm. Downward Stray Cat. And....breathe.

2. TRN - still waiting on your identification and your joinership of the LR Club!

3. Big Welcome to Sara "Has Lots of Blackmail-Worthy Info On Me, So I Won't Give Her An Embarrassing Middle Name" Popper!

4. And to Ari "There are Cities Outside of New York?" Kellman, whose blog you can follow here, although now I've outed him because everyone will see he hasn't updated since May.

5. And finally, a welcome to Shani "My Former Babysitter Now Don't YOU Feel Old" Berger!

Together, this brings us up to THIRTY-NINE Loyal Readers! Almost time for a mid-blog crisis! I am using waaaaaay too many exclamation points in this post! Somebody stop me! Seriously! Okay. That is better.

And Israel's guest blog post is racking up the hits. I think he's at approximately five gazillion. I can almost smell that iced coffee.... I can only assume it's the combined efforts of aliyahbyaccident Loyal Readers that has boosted his bloggership up this high. Thanks everyone. I would use an exclamation point, but I'm not allowed anymore.

PS Welcome to OneTiredEma and her OneTiredFamily, who recently made aliyah and will be joining us here in Modi'in very shortly.


Israel W. said...

Thanks for your support on my blog post ! (there it is again)

We are doing very very well!, with 854 unique visitors the first 36 hours of the post! Note that last year's winner got in total 689 visitors! But it was different times with probably a fraction of Facebookers and tweeterers online.

It is contagious!!!!!!! Now what? Ok that feels better.

Chana said...

Okay, okay, so I have been reading your blog since the beginning of the year when someone at SAR mentioned it to me, and was just waiting for a nice round number before I stopped lurking and let you know. Thanks for always having soemthing to say that both makes me laugh and realize that I am not the only parent who would realy like to finish her book without interruption.


675 visitors! Does anyone else check that number at the bottom of Gila's blog as often as I do? Probably not. And no, they are not mostly me coming back several times a day to see if anyone has posted. I would NEVER be so pathetic. Really.

trn said...

I am simply someone who came across your site, not someone who knows you through any real-life connection.

It is wonderful how excited Ima shel Gila is for her daughter.