Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Traifin' up the blog

Welcome to a new lower case loyal reader - so-called because he/she read ALL OF THE archives, though he/she has not yet become a Capital Letter Loyal Reader - TRN! TRN and SHANA....of SHANA, please identify yourselves so we can properly welcome you and send you your aliyahbyaccident pencil case! (Just in time for the school year!)

Deep thought for the day: Freelance writers have a lot in common with Victoria's Secret models - both are jobs you can do in your underwear.

New Blenta News (that's blog yenta, for those who already forgot. Sheesh.) Courtesy of SiteMeter:
1. Thanks to Don't know who you are, but thanks for adding me to your blogroll!
2. Someone apparently googled "traifin'" and ended up on aliyahbyaccident. After a little sleuthing, I determined that aliyahbyaccident is the second site to come up when one googles "traifin.'" This is good, people, but we can do better! Let's try to make aliyahbyaccident NUMBER ONE in traifin'!! (Hence the title of this post.)
3. Apparently, googling "pee accident picture" is yet another way to find this blog! Amazing the lengths people will go to in order to read aliyahbyaccident!

Somebody stop her!
This morning, Ariella noticed an irony about the Jewish calendar. "How come," she asked, on the way to kaytanah, "every time there's a chag a bad person tries to kill the Jewish people?" I tried to explain that it's sort of the opposite. It's not that we had a chag, therefore a bad person came and tried to kill us. It's precisely because the bad person didn't succeed in killing the Jewish people that we have a chag. Next question: "Who wanted to kill the Jewish people on Sukkot?" Which led to a discussion about chagim that are d'oraytah, and d'rabanan, chagim which are about boring things like wheat, and chagim about exciting things like magical oil, chagim which we celebrate because it says so in the Torah, and chagim we celebrate because we were not destroyed. And then there's Pesach, which just has a little bit of everything. I'm sure I completely befuddled her.

Then we went back to talking about movies which could really happen, and movies which couldn't. My head hurts.

An Aliyahbyaccident Team Effort!
Okay, people, listen up. We have a chance to be of HELP to a fellow Loyal Reader! I know it is not the usual way of aliyahbyaccident to help; "mock" is more up our alley, but we're excited for a change of pace. Israel Weisser, of the famous Weisser family, has entered a blog contest. For all of you loyal comment readers, you know that Israel is not only witty, but intelligent as well. So let's go, team! The more people that log in and read the post, the more points Israel will receive. And then he can WIN!! Win what? Win a, um, ....Israel, what will you win? But it doesn't matter! Go! Log! Read! Israel promised me an iced coffee if he wins, so let's all help him out!
Go to 5 Israeli Job Search Survival Tips and enjoy!

PS By the way, Israel if you win, you owe me an iced coffee.



So I googled Blenta, and I wanted to let all of you know that Blenta is the name of a company that "is today the largest privately owned poultry company in Sweden."

BUT if you Google blenta aliyah, then aliyahbyaccident comes up first!

Or perhaps Gila is now raising chickens in Stockholm. She is blonde, you know.

Israel W. said...

I loved the feelance and victoria secrets part.

Thanks for the link. I will get you a complete gift set of the Weissers' Journey to Israel including two quesadillas and three tamales.
There is no doubt that you'll get the iced cofee.
About the price, it's not such a big deal but it's nice to have an extra $150 plus some extras (job search outsorcing, book...), I'm more for the fame and not so much for the fortune. I'm actually going to follow up on someone posting a comment on the blog post looking for some of my freelance services.

Shana said...

How do I become a capital letter loyal reader or better question what is a capital letter loyal reader!?!?
It's your long lost cousin!! Now that I have identified myself I want to tell you to give credit to Ahava for getting me to become a loyal reader. She said you are funnier than Huvie and that is a very big accomplishment in my book! Could you actually send me 4 pencil cases because Atara and Coby in grades 1 and 3 each need 2 for school, 1 for Hebrew and 1 for English. So let me know so i can cross that one off the list! And if you could throw in the 50 SHARPENED pencils they need, that would be great!

trn said...

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the special recognition. So nice!