Sunday, August 2, 2009

Major Shout Outs

Welcome to Loyal Reader #35, Sarah, of "SabaSarah!" Glad you were able to make it! Sarah has some Hungarian blood in her, and now I know the correct way to tell someone you don't speak Hungarian: "No frere jacques Hungarian." We have now moved into our late thirties with Loyal Reader #36 - SHANA....of SHANA. Welcome to our club!

Now, some of you may remember a while back, when aliyahbyaccident was chosen as a "beloved blog." The rules of the game, according to Baila, are to pass along the award to another blog. After some heavy thinking and soul-searching, I have decided to give this award to the mother of all aliyah blogs, my inspiration, and the reason we will never live next door to Nafi and Lisa: Arica "Factor" Saltzman! If you want an actual account of life in Israel - unlike this cynical snark-fest - hop on over to saltzmanlife. Arica, like all Real Israelis, is spending this summer in America, so you can get a first-hand perspective of an olah of 3 years faced with 8 weeks of non-stop Target-shopping. Fellow olim, make sure you have a napkin handy to wipe up all the drool. (I, personally, was salivating over Arica's ability to buy LARGE cups of coffee at Dunkin' Donuts.) So Arica, attach this picture to your blog to accept our formal recognition for the services you provide.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to my little brother, RABBI Aaron Leibtag, now the morah d'asrah of an actual shul with real people in it. (He can now retire the Little People Shul he's been playing with since his days at YU.) Since he is an important rabbi with a flock to tend, I will refrain from sharing with you 27 years of embarrassing anecdotes I have stored up. Really. I'm not going to share any stories. Not a one. Not even about the time when he.....See? I'm serious this time. Now that aliyahbyaccident has gone INTERNATIONAL, I have to be careful about whom I embarrass. Who knows how far the story about how he used to stick a red and white striped umbrella down his back, pretending it was his rifle, will travel? Oops. Sorry about that, Aars. No more, I promise. But to my Loyal Readers - don't worry, Dadz is still fair game.


Baila said...

Wow, I think I know Arica. I think I was in her book club for a little while last year and that she is really good friends with a friend of mine.

Nice to pass the award along. Feel free to pass it to as many bloggers as you wish.

Arica said...

Wow! Just being nominated is an honor and I didn't have a speech prepared! I want to thank all the people who read my blog and Lisa and Nafi, because without them you would have no clue who I was! Do I now pass the award along to someone else? And yes, Baila...I know you too!

Risa said...

Little People shul? Do they sell that at Toys R Us? B'h, I have a little boy who would love to play with that.(He just sang part of Modeh Ani with me for the first time this morning and I am soooo proud!) Seriously, Little Tykes could market it and have a Rabbi with interchangeable head coverings such as a black hat, black velvet yarmulka or kippa sruga and a mechitza with adjustable heights. Also available, side building that houses the breakaway minyan.

Dadz said...



OneTiredEma said...

snark = the breath of life

(Though I am sure Arica is lovely and did someone say book club? Call me, kthxbai.)

Cheryl said...

Arica - I checked out your blog from your old desk chair.
Gila - Arica sort of passed her old job on to me!
And I've been wondering , does Aaron actually read your blog?? Do I have to call him rabbi since he'll my R'H rav? Odd.

Arica said...

OK Gila, now I am just using your comment section to talk to other people! Maybe if people would comment on my blog I could talk to them there?
Cheryl: That is weird that you were reading my blog from my old office! Is the Church Lady still behind the door and the American Flag on the front???

Cheryl said...

LOL! No one else knows about the church lady! What's up with the church lady and the flag? Odd to see the church lady in an office where few ppl. own a tv!
Oh and I've also read some of your blog, just haven't commented.
As Gila knows, I do my best blog reading at work b/c work is boring!!