Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Letter to Hillel

Dear Hillel,

Kol Hakavod on the whole setting up the Jewish calendar thing! Good work! That kind of stuff always gives me a massive headache - I can barely figure out a tip without having to go lie down - so really, I appreciate your hard work on behalf of our people.

I just have one little gripe. You see, this year, Yom Kippur is essentially the third day of a three day yontov. By which I mean the children have been in the house most of Shabbat, most of today, and will be inside just about all of tomorrow. And I am worrying that I spent all of my Good Children capital on Shabbat, when they played nicely together all afternoon and allowed Donny and me to rest. But, unfortunately, there's not enough time to earn more Good Children points between Shabbat and Yom Kippur. So I worry.

We're trying to do as much coloring/errands/videos today, but let's be honest, the main item on today's agenda is: Kvetch to Mommy. Plus, because of the time change, they've been up since 5:30, so though it is only 10:00, we've already been through two videos, food shopping, and coloring books. Yikes! What will they be like tomorrow at this time? Throwing cars off our mirpeset to see if they can fly? Rolling each other up in toilet paper?

So, please, next time the Sanhedrin convenes, will you please bring this up? I am confident that the creative minds behind "lo adu rosh" and "Adar Sheini" can come up with some workable solution. For now, though, would you mind coming over tomorrow and entertaining my children? I'm sure they'd be up for a couple rounds of "Calculate the Leap Year!" or "Predict The Next Pesach that Falls Out After Tax Season!"

Thanks for your attention to this matter,

Your humble servant,



OneTiredEma said...


We were at the beach for an hour this morning and on the way home Miss M goes, "Are we going outside later?" A) YOU JUST WERE. AT THE BEACH. B) Lots to do. Lots.

Maybe tonight I'll let 'em run around in the dark.


Dear Gila:
Happy to help and make the change in the calendar. Thanks for the great idea. Only problem is that now Pesach will be two weeks and Rosh Hashana will always come out on thursday and friday, but I'm sure you're OK with that. hahahahaha! I love my job! Fondly, Hillel

faith/emuna said...

while i feel for you, i am just so happy that the chagim fell out on friday that ill deal with the yom kippur gesher. i heard next yr rosh hashana is thur/fri - shabbat which means that us in israel get the 3 day punishment usualy saved for galut jews. which means will be 'time to make shabbat/i just made shabbat' (is that dunkin donuts commercial still around or am i totaly dating myself?) shannah tova, hatima tova

Gila Rose said...

ahhhh....the dreaded 3 day rh. should be interesting - our israeli friends could barely handle the shavuot/shabbat thing this year. yes, 3 weeks of thursday nights is also "special."

Alisa said...

waiting anxiously for the post yom kippur update. how did it go???
hope you managed ok!

Yael said...

How'd it go??

We spent way more time in shul than anywhere else.

SaraK said...

Chagim on weekends are priceless to those of us still in Chu"l. And Erev YK on Sunday was perfect! But I hear we are in for 3 day Chagim next year. Note to self: Must make aliya before then.

OneTiredEma said...

@ SaraK, it's the next 2 years and something like four out of the next six.

It wasn't the ONLY reason we made aliyah, but it was on the radar screen...somewhere :)