Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks for the love!

Well, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who helped break it wide open in the comments section - an unprecedented FOURTEEN comments in honor of our 200th post! Wow! Some of you posted multiple times, (you know who you are), but still, it's an honor to have readers like you.

And welcome to our LOYAL READERS 49 and 50 - OneTiredEma, and her devoted husband, Taxman! (Yes, he has a cape, but no tights. Superpower? Extensions, of course.) We have reached our goal with time to spare!

And, in an emotional moment for those of us here at aliyahbyaccident, not only are we climbing the search engine ranks in "strudel walla," but, folks, we are nearly number one in NIVIM!!! A proud time, indeed.

On the school front, as one of the most famous NIVIM goes, "We just might be seeing the dry face at the end of the crying tunnel." (Huh?) What I mean to say is, Yaakov, while still clinging to me this morning and sobbing, was sobbing slightly less hysterically, and while, yes, the morah still had to physically detach him from me and carry him to a play table (and that kid is heavy), I noticed that today, for the first time, there were no actual tears running down his cheeks. So yes, folks, in a few months, he may even march into gan not crying! Today, despite his problematic tzaharon, I decided to just have him stay, because, honestly, I needed him out. For longer than five minutes. And in the end, it seemed fine. Well, despite his little accident on the playground. That's what the extra clothes are for, right? He was quite happy when I picked him up, very excited about the shnitzel he had for lunch and that they got to play in the chatzer "two times-es, Mommy!"

We then went to pick up Ariella from her tzaharon. Yesterday, the first day she stayed for tzaharon, she was very flummoxed about what she was supposed to do and ended up calling me in tears. Today, everything was under control. She had a great time. She loves school. She loves tzaharon. She loves her morahs. She loves work. She loves homework. She wants to stay in first grade "forever, Mommy."

When we got home, she finished her homework (!) and we tried to prevent Yaakov from falling asleep on the floor at 4:45.

After dinner of frozen pizza and corn (don't worry, I heated them up first), the kiddies entertained themselves by dancing to Yuval HaMevulbal, and then it was time for sleep. So, all in all, a rather successful first week of school (well, we still have tomorrow, but with a chocolate sandwich for aruchat eser, what could be bad?)


Emily said...

You may (or may not) be very jealous to hear that we went to the Ramat Gan Safari on the second to last day of vacation and...drum roll please...Yuval HaMevulbal just happened to be doing a little performance there that day. My younger son was IN HEAVEN.

OneTiredEma said...

Please. Do not. Let our children speak about chocolate sandwiches. Because that leads to eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon and that is reserved only for Ema.