Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moms and Maps. And Ratatouille.

Scene: Ariella and Yaakov are watching Dora. A map is singing, "Ani mapah, ani mapah, ani mapah." Over, and over, and over again. (They sure do love their repitition, those folks at Dora, Incorporated.) So then I start warbling, "Ani eema, ani eema, ani eema," over and over again.
Ariella: Hey, I know why "Eema" sounds like "mapah!" It's because mommies and maps both tell you where to go!

A big welcome to Loyal Reader #53, Libby "Penny" Lane! (Am I the first one to make that joke, ever? Am I?) Thanks for joining!

I had a hard time cooking tonight. Because Yaakov stole my cookbook. And wouldn't give it back. And it's not because he's secretly planning my big birthday dinner of Milky and Shoko b'Sakit. See, when looking for a recipe on Sunday, we came across a picture of rataouille. Now, it happens to be that the rataouille in the cookbook looks just like the rataouille that is made at the end of the movie, Rataouille. (Do you think this post will help me become #1 in "ratatouille?") Yaakov was super excited to see a picture of actual, live ratatouille. Well, not live, that would be gross, but you get the idea. He promptly grabbed the cookbook and has been gazing longingly at the picture ever since. During breakfast (which, Sabba, you'll be happy to know he eats at the picnic table every morning without fail, even if Ariella and I are eating together at the big table), he noticed that I had had the audacity to move the cookbook from its perch on the couch to, get ready for this, the kitchen! He scolded me in harsh terms, then marched into the kitchen, retrieved his cookbook, found the page, and propped it up on the couch so he could stare at it whilst eating his breakfast.

He's been begging me to make the ratatouille, but not only is the recipe a complicated one, but I am about 99% certain he will absolutely hate it. So I have no intention of doing this for him, much as I do love him and his fuzzy hair. Today, I was despairing that I would have to keep the cookbook on the couch and run from the kitchen to the living room every five minutes to see what was next. However, I convinced Yaakov that since the recipe I needed was on the facing page, if he wanted, he could come with me into the kitchen, bring his beloved ratatouille picture, and continue to look at while I cooked. He acquiesced. So nice of him! Maybe I should make him some ratatouille...


Commenter Abbi said...

You're in luck, i posted a rather easy ratatouille recipe in the summer:

Not sure if this is up your son's culinary alley, but if it is, I might have to invite you over and have him demo healthy vegetable eating


Google "ratatouille and yaakov" and you are #1!

Libby said...

You are the first one to make that joke. Most people have a Lois Lane joke of some sort to make.

OneTiredEma said...

Rutz, Diego, rutz, Diego, rutz, Diego, rutz, Diego....what? Oh, excuse me. Right. I agree.

I always assume my kids will not eat anything that has more than two ingredients and then if they do I am pleasantly surprised.