Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear God: Where's my Bunny?

Scene: Kids are watching Lion King, for the umpteenth time.

[Digression: I hope Ariella's future dates don't ever take her to the movies. The poor guy will probably run out of the theater, holding his head and stumbling home, swearing off movies and girls entirely. She likes to talk. Asking questions, contributing a running commentary. Non-stop. On Friday we all watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs together. Half the time we couldn't answer her questions because she was talking during the answer. Or, she comes up with her own take on the movie and regales us with her exposition. Yaakov, on the other hand, is an intense movie watcher. Focused, quiet, he doesn't let anything distract him from his task. As you can imagine, he gets quite annoyed at the verbose older sister.]

Back to our story:

Ariella: You know, Yaakov, Hashem can do anything. In a minute, He can make a real bunny if you want. [Note: God is Ariella's personal magician.] Before you can even say "Mmm."

Yaakov (tearing himself away from the movie for a moment): "Mmmm." So where's the bunny? [Said with a 'tude.] So what is Hashem?

Ariella: We don't know what Hashem is. He is very holy. Only Moshe saw him.

Yaakov (back to watching the movie): Mumble, mumble, mumble, Zazu.

Ariella (clearly not paying attention but eager to continue her drasha): Yes, because Moshe is very holy and special but he could only see Hashem's back. No one saw His face.

The conversation ends here. Yaakov is clearly not interested in continuing because:

A. The bunny didn't appear, so what's the point?
B. There is a movie to watch, people! Focus!

Ariella, too, has lost interest in the God discussion because there are much more pressing issues to contend with, such as why was Scar king and why did Simba want to be king and why did Scar want to kill Simba and Simba's dad and why did Simba fight Scar and why was Scar king....


Kathleen said...

I had to laugh at your digression and the poor future date stumbling home!
You know, you really could write a book, your kids give you so much to write about.
I remember when my older daughter talked non-stop and sometimes I would actually feel like my ears were sore...

Gila Rose said...

Yes, sore ears. The explanations for everything! OY! Cute, though.