Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now Presenting....

The Vacation Awards!

Best First-Time Swimmer Award: Nadav!
At the pool in Ashdod.

Best Future Archaeologists: Ariella and Yaakov!
Here they are, in Jerusalem, sitting on an ancient toilet with Daddy.

Weirdest Caption:
Here they are, in Jerusalem, sitting on an ancient toilet with Daddy.

Best Complaint from a Child: Ariella!
"Yaakov, stop rubbing me with your nectarine!"

Best Free Swimming in the Kinneret: Capernaum!
Only "real" Israelis knew how to find this place. Consider us real.

Best Family Picture with the Camera's Timer
At Nahal Amud, after a very hot hike.

Worst Picture with the Camera's Self-TimerAt Mag'arsa water hike. (We are not actually blurry in real life.)

Best Random Let's-Pull-Off-Here-And-Hike-Around-Hike: Mivtzar Nimrod! (Nimrod's Fortress, in the Golan Heights; the northernmost national park in Israel.)
Donny and Ariella, when we made it to "the highest"

Best Capturing Nadav's Smile: Donny, Gila, Ariella!
(Ariella entertained, Donny held, I snapped)

And that's it folks. We hope you enjoyed this evening's presentation of the Vacation Awards. Join us next August for the Vacation Awards 2011!


Baila said...

Not fair, taking the steam out of tonight's emmys. Who designed your outfit?

OneTiredEma said...

I thought blurry was the new black.
(and this is the most I have seen of you all month! minus the meeting.)

Gila Rose said...

Baila - I'm wearing Bottom of My Closet. Great designer. Available in all price ranges.

Tired - we have been rather awol. Will rectify with coffee asap.