Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thoughts (i.e. Too Lazy To Write a Coherent Blog Post)

Thoughts at the beginning of the week....

....the children can figure out how to turn on my iPod and get to a game, but haven't yet mastered flushing the toilet. boy PLUS one girl PLUS Blue Blanket DIVIDED by Mommy's bed EQUALS Mommy on the couch.

...if it is eerily quiet on Shabbos afternoon when you are trying to sleep, it is because either
a) the children have left the apartment and are running amok through the streets of Modiin; or, worse...
b) they are taking illegal Shabbos naps and will be up until waaaay too late, trotting in and out of their beds complaining they can't sleep
(PS Despite the late bedtime, this did not prevent Thought #2 from occurring)

....I firmly believe in don't-talk-about-how-well-the-baby-has-been-sleeping-karma. Firmly.

....Ariella is a total geek, and I mean that in the best, most loving way possible. Highlight of her week? When the book store called to say her books for second grade had arrived. Perused each and every one carefully the minute we got home.

....Yaakov has definitely inherited my special movie-memorizing talent. I hope it will prove more useful for him than it has for me. So far, no jobs seeking "Hard worker who is punctual and knows all the lines to The Princess Bride. Lines to Blues Brothers preferred but not mandatory."

....There has been a Thought that I keep meaning to add to the blog, but every time I'm in front of the computer I forget what it was. I need easier access to computers. Thinking of installing one on the couch and one in the shower.

We are off to Ashdod this morning for Part I of our vacation. Will keep you all posted.


Batya said...

It made sense to me, like going back in time. But there was no internet etc in my day.


OK, I know the baby-sleeping line was meant for me. I promise never to ask again if he is sleeping through the night. Also, I hope Yaakov inherits your acting talent. None of us will ever forget you as the Bais Yaakov play lead in "The Education of Hyman Kaplan." I say the latter especially to encourage MomzRealDaughters to COMMENT ALREADY on the blog.

faith/emuna said...

never heard ashdod and vacation in the same sentence.btw you can get real donuts in yavneh (mr donuts) enjoy!

Dadz said...


Kathleen said...

Flushing toilets must not be technical enough for our kids generation.
I often lose my bed to the kids.
We don't do naps for that reason either. I wish we could and still have a normal bedtime!