Monday, August 23, 2010

Nadav's Turn

So life was pretty good at first. You know, once I got over the trauma of being born. And the constant bilirubin tests. And the bris. But you know, after that, things were good. Mom and I just kind of hung out at home. I ate when I wanted, slept when I wanted, looked at my mobile, Mom rocked me when I got cranky. And then we would go out and pick up the kids together - the Girl and the Other Boy. We played, I hung out on my Gymini, ate some more. Daddy would come home and play with me. (I got to stay up later than the other kids, of course.) It was a good life.

Then, I hear talk of "going on vacation." Well, I figured, my life was pretty much a vacation already. How could things get even better? Maybe they were going to buy the Deluxe Mobile and we'd all look at it together!

Boy, was I wrong. "Vacation" started last week. And pretty much since it started, I have been hot, sweaty, and stuffed into something. Sweating in the carseat, sweating in the stroller, sweating in the Baby Bjorn. Everytime I think we're finally going to go someplace where we can all just lay on our backs and kick our feet - nope, stuffed into something else and left to sweat. Now, I did very much enjoy the pool in Ashdod. That was tons of fun. But other than that...well, let's just say I'm starting to fear my body is going to be permanently molded into "carseat position."

And no one understands, either. Today, after a very intense, hot, and did I mention, sweaty, hike, the Big People treated themselves to artikim. They even said, "Artikim for whoever was such a good hiker!" And then, "That's why Nadav can't have, because he didn't hike." And they all laughed! Excuse me, did they think it was easy being strapped to Mom's sweaty chest, spitting up all over her shirt, and being bounced around for hours? (Ed. note: This was not fun for Mom either.) It was not! And they kind of ignore me (although this also happens when we're not on vacation.) Every once in a while someone smiles at me and throws me a scrap of attention. Luckily, I can go for a long time on just scraps. And I always smile back, so they'll be sure to do it again.

Well, that's all for now. I gotta get some sleep so I can wake up Mom in a few hours. I'm praying that tomorrow is filled with Gyminis and air-conditioning. But I'm not hopeful.


Ozzy said...

I hear you, buddy. We should get together. These big people think they know what's best for us and yet they are torturing us. Give me one good reason why you should not eat an artick? You've got a strong suck, right? My people just move me from place to place. Nobody bothers to ASK me if I want to move, they just do it. It's terrible. We should start some kind of support group, you and I. I bet there are lots like us.

Your friend in suffering,


PS Try peeing on the carpet. Worked like a charm for me.

momzwifeofdadz said...

Gils, this is most definitely an award winner. Brilliant.

Elan L. said...

Nadav, just like Ozzy, I hear you, too. I can empathize as I was stuck in a carseat for 5.5 hours on the NJ turnpike. Then I had to watch my big brother eat ice-cream while all I was offered were some crackers. (That's okay, I threw them along with my pacifiers out the reach of my Eema. Guess they'll be lots of cracker crumbs to clean up before Pesach!) An artik sounds good right about now because I have been teething badly for the last ten days.

Nadav said...

Ozzy - I have peed, and worse, not only on the floor, but on THEM. Nothing's changed.

Elan - good trick with the crackers! Gotta remember that one for when they finally let me have food.