Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh Shoko, My Shoko

An ode to shoko b'sakit
You are my favorite Israeli treat
Warm brown color, taste so sweet
Just don't drink it after meat

Your little bag, so full and cold
Tempting me...okay, I'm sold
I put you in my hand to hold
A swishing pocket of liquid gold

I drink it down, don't stop for air
Gettin' hard to breathe, but I don't care
To part with a drop is hard to bear
So get your own, 'cuz I don't share

And now it's gone, it's done, the end
No more time together can we spend
To the shoko-less abyss I do descend
Until we meet again, my friend

**This blog is dedicated to my Tired friend, who said, "I wanted to link to your post about shoko b'sakit, but you don't have one! How can that be?" Consider the problem rectified.


Kate Stern said...
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OneTiredEma said...


Risa said...

Liked the poem and the blog post title's reference to the poem recited in Dead Poet's Society. Just don't jump off your desk in order to get a shoko.

Anonymous said...

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