Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Almost Shabbat, Do You Know Where YOUR Shnitzel Is?

Erev Shabbat: The oldest and youngest are napping, and the short-ish ones are watching a movie. The chicken is cooking, and the other little erev Shabbat things that are left to do can't be done yet - according to law, they must be done immediately before Shabbat, so we can all rush around and yell and throw things. (I exaggerate. A little.) So, time to blog.

1. After a week of marathon birthday parties (i.e. carpooling), I ended the week on a much more fun note - I went out on a date with a cute guy. What's his name again? He's the one who occasionally shows up here to eat and sleep and drink wine. Not necessarily in that order. Ziv, I think he calls himself.

We celebrated by going out to a fancy restaurant in Jerusalem. (Gabriel's.) The celebration? All birthdays and anniversaries since 2009, the last time we went out. And because it's a bloggy, bloggy world, our babysitter was none other than Tali, daughter of Baila. For her commission, Baila received the Golden Globes edition of People magazine. Enjoy it Baila, it was a good one.

2. Ariella and I are learning about the mishkan for her project at school. Every kid has to pick a topic and present to the class about it. Ariella's date is in a month, so we figured it was time to get cracking. Also, she was driving me crazy, asking, "When can we start my חוקר צעיר?"

As we were studying a diagram of the mishkan, she wanted to know if the "חצר" was where the kids could play. I explained that it's not that kind of chatzer and it was considered kadosh as well. She wanted to know exactly where the mommies and daddies davened and where the kids played.
("And ye shall build for yourselves a slide, 4 amot high and 3 amot long, covered inside and out in yellow plastic.")

3. Yaakov came home from a birthday party last night and informed me there had not been dinner. When asked if he would like something to eat, he gave us a strange look. "No," he said, his face smeared in chocolate, "I had lots of, you know, mamtakim and junk food." Dinner? We don't need no stinkin' dinner!

4. For all those concerned about Nadav's hair, it is growing back. Unfortunately, it is growing up instead of out. Oh well.

Speaking of which, one of the sleeping beauties is requesting that I come rescue him from his room. I'll let you guess which one that is.



Gila! remember the Friday Jobs List when you guys were teenagers? You can start that! that didn't have a negative effect on you, did it? did it?

Commenter Abbi said...

The Brecher household is chock full of great babysitters. We're partial to Orly as well. The kids are hoping Ozzy will come along and join one night.

OneTiredEma said...

7:15 pizza at the mall after that birthday party. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. At the imaginary birthday party that we're throwing for the whole class, we're going to get a pie from Giant Pizza (HOW HARD CAN IT BE?!) -- it feeds like 40 kids and then you are yotzei.

Seriously, if you're not going to feed them, at least end the party at 6:30. (I mean 18:30. Of course.)

Gila Rose said...

Yes Momz, if I want the dishes broke and the dirt eaten, I will put them in charge. For now, it's enough if they put their own dirty underwear in the hamper.

Abbi - we intend to make the rounds, now that we have rediscovered "leaving."

Tired - seriously? You malled after that? You are a good mom. We just sent Yaakov to bed with a tummy full of chocolate cake.

Oh, and I'm so with you on the "imaginary bday party"....except that on Shabbat Yaakov asked, "So, for my party, are we going to have just the boys or the whole gan?" Um.....

faith/emuna said...

i know this question should really be posted on your other blog but i couldnt work out the link, whats the difference btwn cocoakripies for dinner and choclate cake for dinner?

Gila Rose said...

I think you've just given me the subject of my first post, f/e.

Liat said...

Tali and mom were both happy and she is hoping you go on lots of dates with that cute guy, Ziv or Niv or whatever his name is.

(Abby, I'm happy to send Ozzy along next time, just ask).

And I really enjoyed my commission, Gila. I just wish they had a worst-dressed list. I bet EW did that.

Baila said...

Liat? Whose that? It's me, Baila, of course on the previous comment. Darn hacking kids.

Shira said...

The slide comment had me rolling! Love it!!!

Shira said...

The slide comment had me rolling!! Love it!

Kathleen said...

So I'm not the only one that has a list of Erev Shabbat things that must be done immediately before Shabbat?
Date night? Let's see...I think that was long before 2009. Yet another reason we need to make Aliyah (and live near Baila's daughters)
I thought the slide comment was funny!