Monday, April 11, 2011

Clothes Shopping: An Update

Well, folks, I know you are wondering how my sponge dress is coming along. And I am happy to report that I have halted production on my new invention. Because today, Loyal Readers (all 89 of you), I found clothing! That's right!

I went to this store called Discreet. I had passed it a few times before but assumed it sold, well, discreet things. You know, little tiny items made mostly out of lace and bits of string. So I never went in. But today I saw that it's actually a clothing store.

And, thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, especially the advice of Commenter Abbi, I went into armed with two bits of knowledge:

1. Get the ladies to help you

2. If you believe you can pull it off, you can (the look, not the clothing. The clothing itself, you have to be able to actually pull off.)

So I accepted help and the lady found me all sorts of wonderful clothing that I would have otherwise passed by, and much much much money later, I walked out with a bagful of clothing. I (somewhat) justified the expense by reminding myself that I am no longer five and do not grow out of my clothes every six months.

(Every February, Yaakov sports the "Oliver" look, because the pants I bought him in October are two inches above his ankle.)

I even bought a dress! The last time I wore a dress, it had a million tiny buttons down the back. And Donny had a lot more hair.

So this is very exciting news, plus we've regained our sponges for dish-cleaning purposes.


Commenter Abbi said...

Whoo hoo! Really glad that worked out! Yes, Discreet is good. If you went to sem in the 90's in J-m, I think that was the brand the Shkalim store used to sell.

Getting sales help is not a very American way to shop, but I found it really the only way to get clothes here that feel halfway normal. I also was amazed the first time I got help that I found clothes I otherwise would have passed by thinking I could never walk down the street in THAT. But magically, the saleslady puts everything together and somehow it works. I hope you'll venture into other stores this way. Embrace your inner Israeli! (I recommend going back to Hila for the next shopping trip, I've found great stuff there).

Chag sameach. I also just bought a dress, first time in years.

MomzWifeofDADZ said...

Take THAT, reader #90! You missed a good one!

Gila Rose said...

Oh I forgot to mention the SMS-exchange me Donny and me:

Me: I hope you love me a lot.

Donny: What did you break?

Eliana and Michael said...

Glad you found some good finds but I must admit I was looking forward to the sponge dress photos!

Risa said...

Tidchadshi on your new clothes. I am wondering if the store you shopped at sells only clothes that are tzanua and misnamed the store based on a mistranslation of the word. Regarding Yaakov's too short pants in February- add a cap, smallish shirt, a vest and some shmutz (real or fake via makeup) and you've got yourself a Purim costume. Plus, no need to worry about it getting worn down during all those Pre-Purim costume wearings. It will only add to the authenticity of the costume. (Thanks, now I've got the song "Food Glorious Food" in my head!)

Gila Rose said...

Oh Risa, how we do love your comments. Please, sir, can we have some more?

Leah Goodman said...

Titchadshi! I like Discreet. They actually do have a lot of tznius clothes, plus their sizes go up past US size six.