Monday, April 4, 2011

Yay! Boo!

Some of the yays and boos of the last few days:

Yaakov had his gan birthday party on Friday. (5 years old, for those keeping track. He will turn 5 at least two more times before birthday season is out.)....Yay!

I got my wisdom tooth taken out....Boo!

But that gave me an excuse to buy an iced coffee (it's cold!) and a ma'afe (it's soft!) from Aroma....Yay!

We started Pesach cleaning......Yay!

Still so much more to do.....Boo!

We're being very good about using up all of our food before Pesach....Yay!

There's nothing to eat in the house.....Boo!

Yesh (the supermarket in Kiryat Sefer I visit once a year before Pesach) did NOT have those round plasticky Shabbos sponges....Boo!

The cheapy homegoods store in Kiryat Sefer DID have the matching fruit plates to go with our fruit bowls, so now we have milchig plates for Pesach....Yay!

After said Pesach shopping trip to Kiryat Sefer, with my Tired friend:

Tired,after filling up about half her cart, announced, "Well, I pretty much got everything [non-perishable] I needed."

Then there was me,throwing my entire body against the overflowing cart in the hopes that it will move under the weight of jelly, ketchup, matzah and sugar, and knowing I barely dented the list.....Yay! (for Tired)/Boo! (for me)

But I did buy MANY bags of KFPLLCHK* chips.....Yay!

Nadav found Bamba in the garbage and promptly began munching on it...Yay? Boo? You decide.

My shopping expedition today (for myself) was mostly unsuccessful.....Boo!

My shopping expedition today (for my children) was mostly successful....Yay!

*I hope you know what this stands for.


Arica said...

Where were you successful shopping for the kids? Was it Lisa's basement? You should buy the Bamba that is kitnyot for Nadav to eat around the house before Pesach-that way he can make as many crumbs as he'd like(although if he eats them over the garbage as you have him trained to do it shouldn't be a problem). Also, it took me a minute but I finally got the KLPLLCK. Next time we'd like a picture of you attempting to push the cart.

OneTiredEma said...

First of all, I was not working from a list. We'll see how well that turns out for me. (hahahahaha)

Second of all, your degree of difficulty was EXTREME because you were attempting regular shop + pesach shop in an unfamiliar store. You are very brave.

I, however, am out of Cheerios and most other food because I did *not* do a regular shop. Woe.

Gila Rose said...

Arica, it's a good thing there's no ABA test, because I mentioned in a previous post that Monday was Sandal Day, not Shop in Lisa's Basement Day. Everyone 10 and under who walks now has sandals for chag.

Tired, I actually got very little "real" food. And it was still insane. And I went food shopping AGAIN today. And probably will AGAIN tomorrow. Trying to hit every supermarket in the Greater Modiin area by Pesach. It's looking good!

Anonymous said...

Please explain KFPLLCHK - I think the first three are Kosher for pesach, but alas I cannot figure out the rest.
Thank you.

Oh, and DADZ has tons more questions for you as he just finished listening to the last part of Harry Potter book 7, but I think those will have to wait until after ohmygodweveneverhadsuchabadtaxseason is over.

Risa said...

Is KFPLLCHK: Kosher For Passover LeLo CHashash Kitniyot? (If so, shouldn't it be KLP- Kasher L'Pesach etc?) Either way, from my studious review of ABA posts (ok, from the foggy recesses of my memory), I recall it being hard to find chips without kitniyot in Israel, so I am glad you found those as opposed to ones that are KLPLOKB (kasher l'pesach l'ochlei kitniyot bilvad).

Gila Rose said...

Ding ding ding! You got it Risa! Extra points for noticing that it should be kLp, not kFp. Mixing up my Hebrew and English once again.

Risa said...

Does this entitle me to some of the chips? (Only kidding, recently bought some at "the new" 7MM, including mini bags of potato stix for the kids. Remember those?)Also, in reference to a recent FB post of yours, perhaps pajamas at the seder would be appropriate. My older one is already singing "Paroah B'Pijamas B'Emtza Haleila."