Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Pesach Thoughts

As much fun as it is to have to rid your house of matzah (and the fun quotient is indeed very, very low, pretty negligible, in fact), I am grateful that we do not have to rid the house of matzah before ROY (rest of year) begins.

Butt Cheerios are a pretty hardy and resilient species, but nothing clings to the clothes like matzah crumbs. There are crumbs residing in every inch (i.e. centimeter) of this apartment, despite the multiple sweepings and floor washings that occurred every day of Pesach. Every time I changed Nadav and unleashed an avalanche of teeny tiny matzah bits, I said a little "thank you" to God that He left it up to me this time to decide if I want to clean out every little crumb with a toothpick. (I do not, by the way.)

Although this switchover to ROY was confusing to some of the younger members of our household. Yaakov was aghast this morning that we drank the orange juice which stated very clearly that it was "kosher for Pesach."

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