Thursday, September 25, 2008

Misrad HaRishui: An Apology

Before anything, I would like to issue a public apology to the Misrad HaRishui. Donny and I went this morning, to the office in Jerusalem. There was a parking garage right in the building, which was very convenient, and a nice Israeli lady even showed us how to get to the correct elevators. She did not show us the wrong way and then run away, cackling. She was extremely pleasant. She also exhorted us to remember our parking space, because many people who come here forget where they parked. This was an especially good reminder for me, someone who routinely relies on her 5-year old to remember where she parked. ("Come on, Ariella, let's go back to the car." "No, Mommy, the car is this way," is an actual conversation that occurs with alarming frequency.) We got to the Misrad, took a number (naturally), narrowly beating back an old man who was trying to get to the number thingy before us. Two against one, though, the old dude had no chance. In case you were wondering, the number thingy was disappointing - more reminiscent of Goldman's than the kupat cholim. We were next in line, and there was no wait at all. The lovely charedi lady behind the bulletproof plastic took our tofsei yarok, our licenses, PHOTOCOPIED the license herself, and filled out the relevant information, finishing with a stamp. (The Israelis LOVE to stamp things.) So here is my first apology: We did not need to photocopy our own license - she did it for us. Then, not only was there no Copy Surcharge, there was no charge at all! For the entire stamping process! It's unbelievable! We went in and out, and only paid the parking fee (10 shekel.) We went to a misrad and paid NO money. Are you understanding me? If people want to save money, they should just go to the Misrad HaRishiu all day long. All the stamping you could ask for, and no fee charged. I am still on a high from this. I will continue with our day in another post, because I feel like the apology deserves its own posting. I will do an extra al chet for this on Yom Kippur.


Donny said...

I say as part of our apologies to the Misrad HaRishui: "Your Jerusalem office in Klal Center was easy to work with that we should go there on purpose."

yael said...

The Talpiot branch is much worse than the klal center one. There are some things you can only do in Talpiot.