Friday, September 5, 2008

We Are Carless

Today was one of those typical pre-aliyah crazy days. The funny thing was that it started with this nice leisurely trip to the park. I needed to get the kids out of the house, and I hadn't done anything fun with them since, like, July, so we went to a nice playground. They actually had a great time - it was one of those days when they right away started some make-believe game and played together sooo nicely instead of whining to me to play hide and seek or something. I had to pull them away after an hour, because we had more errands to do and it was so freaking hot! We then went to Giant to buy some snacks for the plane (and treats "for now." We buy a lot of treats these days.) Then we went to Great-Bubby's to say goodbye. One of the nice things about being in Baltimore this summer was that I actually got to spend time with my Bubby.
In the afternoon, Sabba and Zaidy were the heroes. Sabba came over to play with Ariella while Yaakov was napping so I could go return our Chrylser Town & Country, aka The Van that No One Wanted. The Chrysler people were sort of iffy about letting me return a lease that I hadn't purchased there, since I wasn't buying a car now, either. But the guy was nice and let me drop it off and took off the plates. Then we went back to my father's office to mail back the plates and sign the power of attorney documents. Everything was going so smoothly, until we noticed that the POA document for me had Donny's name on the second page. So we had to call the attorney, get a new form, then the copier ran out of paper, etc. In the end, everything got signed and I got a piece of ice cream cake. I took my father's keys and ran.
Later that evening Donny returned home! Yay! No more of this bungalow colony life for us.
Friday is going to be a Day of Much Packing. And, of course, there's a hurricane making its way up the coast this weekend. I'm checking the weather every two seconds. I already have this image in my head of the flight being delayed, the kids going crazy in the airport, eating all the snacks and playing with all the toys I was saving for the far the forecast calls for rain only on Shabbos. Let's hope it stays that way!

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