Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

It is 5:15 on Sunday morning, September 7. Donny's birthday, by the way. Shabbos was nice and uneventful. It poured, so I didn't even go to shul with the kids. Good thing the kiddush was last week. Donny's father came for lunch and stayed a while playing with Ariella. In the afternoon, the power went out briefly and then came back on, but for some reason both elevators were out of service! 4 hours before we were going to start loading the car! Ha ha! Luckily, the service elevator was fixed in time, and the doorman operated it for us and helped us bring down our bags. The cars (one rental, plus my parents' Pilot) are basically ready to go. We are stopping for some breakfast, then heading up to JFK. See you in Israel!

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