Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Party!

Monday morning we drove up to NY for our goodbye party. We did it at the Riverdale Dunkin' Donuts, which has a "party room." It was a pretty cute party, at least I think so. We had 2 boxes of coffee (I love those things!), munchkins, and ice cream cake. It was nice to see "our peeps" again. By the end of the party, Ariella and Yaakov's sugar consumption probably matched that of the entire city of New York. They were literally bouncing off walls, taking the coffee stirrers and marching around the room with them, then stopping for a cup of chocolate milk. It was pretty wild. Two of Ariella's friends came, but being 5 year old girls, they basically just stared at each other and smiled. It was a really nice party, but we were so busy schmoozing we barely have any pictures! Afterward we stayed overnight at the Kramers (fitting, since it was Mike who got us into this whole mess to begin with.) The kids were so hyper that even though they were exhausted, it took them an hour to fall asleep because they were giggling. The cause of the giggling was Ariella putting her feet through Yaakov's crib and Yaakov tickling them with his nose. Ha ha! This morning we went to breakfast at the Kleins - Leezy made us pancakes, and Yaakov even ate a few bites of pancake with his syrup. Then time for the drive back home. I should be doing some packing but instead I am updating my blog. I'm glad I have another thing on the computer to do instead of facing real life.

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