Friday, September 5, 2008

The Shopping (drumroll, please) Has Ended

That's right, folks. Today we went out to the mall to complete our final shopping expedition (in America, that is.) Sunglasses for Donny and me and a sweatshirt for me. We went out with Savta for lunch at Goldberg's. Ariella started crying this morning, because she realizes that it's the "last time" for a lot of things. She articulated to me that she is excited about going to Israel but sad about leaving people here. It has been so nice this summer to have spent more time with all of the grandparents and other relatives here. It was nice for me, and amazing for the kids. They really got to bond with Bubby, Zaidy, Sabba, and Savta. Plus Ariella became an amazing bowler! Ask Savta or Zaidy! Especially Zaidy, who she beat by 30 points!
We are now in the final throes of packing. Although I guess motzei Shabbos will be the final, final throes of packing and laundry.

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