Monday, September 22, 2008

A Return to Normalcy (?)

Last night was our first semi-normal night. Donny came home from work, we had dinner, then wasted time on our respective computers. Just like old times! It was sort of fake, though, because really we had tons of things to finish doing, like unpacking and sorting through everything in the 3rd and 4th bedrooms. It's always that last bit of unpacking that takes forever - once the space is livable, there's not as much motivation to clean up...

This morning was tough for Ariella. She bawled when I left her at gan - it was heart-breaking. I can't even imagine the effort she needs to put in to get through a single day. We've been trying Gan Through Bribery, which has some effect, but when it's time to say goodbye, there's no bribe in the world that can help. Today I told her we were going food shopping after gan and she could get a special treat. Two special treats, even! 1,000 special treats! Please don't cry!

Today I played hooky again from ulpan because Danny the Electrician is here installing the correct plug for our dryer. (OIM: Danny the Electrician has a shul nearby - Donny davened there on Shabbos morning.) Last week, when we figured we'd be able to do laundry on Monday, I decided not to take another load to Lisa's, thinking we'd be able to hold out. We've done ok (Ariella is down to her last outfit, and Yaakov has worn dirty shorts only a couple times), but it is very crucial that I do laundry today! I am hoping that all will be well and we will have clean clothes by the evening. Amen.