Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is It Purim Yet?????

The answer is no, although Fairy and Pajama Soldier Boy had their second outing in their costumes. At this point, the fuzzy sleeve lining for Ariella's costume has just completely ripped off. Thank God she is okay with all this. I have learned my lesson for next year's costume: Buy sturdy. Iron Man, Bionic Woman, R2-D2, you get the idea. Today Ariella got out early, because it is erev Taanit Esther, of course. Who can possibly be in school a full day the day before the day before Purim? Honestly!

Yaakov's morahs took some excellent pictures at his gan party today. I am even breaking my long-standing rule on uploading pictures. Notice the French Revolution meets Gaza look. (I did not do the face paint. When I last attempted it, for Purim Party #1: The Debut, I took this brown lipstick stuff I bought and kind of dotted his face. He looked diseased, like a Purim With the Ten Plagues theme. This time, Yaakov told me that only Ofira was allowed to put the face paint on. So the handlebar moustache is NOT my doing, although I will admit that he looks dashing.) Also, notice how he holds his gun. Do you think he's making a profound statement about war? Or do you think it's more in the category of Boy Who Cannot Ever Manage to Get His Crocs on the Right Feet? Discuss.

Back to Shabbos: We had an excellent time at the Balsams. The kids played beautifully for 90% of Shabbos, which in my opinion is more than anyone could ask for. Most of the time I did not even know where they were. The best part of Shabbos was watching Donny and Nafi get drunk Friday night. Nafi said the craziest things! Actually, it's only funny in my head because Nafi never drinks, so I just have to imagine what it would be like. To his credit, Donny has tried valiantly to turn Nafi into a fellow drunkard, but to no avail. We hope to have better luck with Lisa. Friday night, all the Roses piled into one room, because although Ariella usually (and when I say "usually" I mean the one other time we went to the Balsams for Shabbos) sleeps with one of the Balsam children, we decided that Strep Throat Fairy hadn't been on the magic potion long enough to allow her to sleep with either Superman or Supergirl. So we had a cozy family night, interrupted only by Yaakov wandering around the room at 3 in the morning, crashing into furniture, and then getting stuck behind a chair and wailing, "I'm stuck Mommy!"

Tomorrow the festivities continue. Well, technically they halt because it is, after all, a fast day, but we'll just pretend not to notice that. Donny's working from home (hey, after going into work for a whole day after being home for a week, he needs some time off!) and will be making oznei haman with Ariella. (Question as per Israeli Leezy: Are they his ears or his hat? Discuss.)

Oh, and in poll results: 42% of our readers believe in excessive medication to make it through those times when their kid's sick. 36%, though, actually believe in, like, caring for their kids. May I ask you - do you also believe in taking care of my kids when they're sick? Because if so, we should definitely talk. 15% believe bribery is the way to go, and a lonely 5% use this as an opportunity to tell their children that God is punishing them for their wayward ways. Next poll: What to do when your husband is sick.


momz42854 said...

ooh, la la, take zat you swine!

Leezy said...

Post more pictures!
Purim Samayach!
(I aspire to one day be Israeli-Leezy - that will be confusing)