Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shabbat with the Hebrews

First of all, KFP Poofahs to the following Loyal Readers & Commentors:
Momz, Lisa, Israeli Leezy, Risa, Sharon "Anonymous" Sturm, Yael, Cheryl, and Shira for posting your Favorite Things About Pesach. Although Cheryl, I may have advised against touting your "Ha ha on you" attitude - if you have angry aliyahbyaccident readers egging your car (because, let's face it, we will have LOTS of eggs available), or smearing Kosher for Pesach margarine (No need to be refrigerated!) on your door, I claim no responsibility.

We still have KFP Poofahs available! Post your comment about YOUR favorite Pesach things and the poofahs will be delivered to your door in 18 minutes or less!

Ariella now has a growing list of "Here's how you say it in Hebrew, Mommy, and here's how I say it in Hebrew." She's got my American accent down pat. She regaled us on Friday night with the comparisons. I will attempt to upload a video of her one-woman comedy show because she had us rolling on the floor. Meanwhile, Yaakov, whose English education is now solely in the hands of Pixar, amused us with this little spelling lesson:
[Yaakov is playing on the floor with his magnetic "Yaakov" letters. He has connected the "O," "Y" and "V" together.]
Me: Yaakov - what did you spell?
Yaakov: T - O - Y. Toy! (For those of you for whom this reference is lost, I refer you to "Toy Story.")

Absorption Milestone....Absorption Milestone....Absorption Milestone....
We had actual Hebrew-speakers over for lunch! (Or as Tehila Sassoon would say, "Hebrews.)They have a daughter, Shirat, in Ariella's gan and daven at the Nice People Shul. We finally got up the nerve to invite them for lunch. The family has been especially welcoming to Ariella - inviting her over for playdates, making sure to include her in groups, etc. So we took the plunge and invited them over. They speak little English, which was actually good, because when Israelis speak English, you feel very foolish talking to them in Hebrew. We were forced to converse in the Holy Tongue for a good two hours. We employed the trusty "Start a sentence, get your point across, let them finish it for you" method often, but it worked and we were able to have actual conversation with them. We had a really nice time, and the best part is - they took our kid! Shirat and Ariella were having such a good time that when it was time to leave, they said that Ariella should come back with them. (Note: Lest you think I am an ungracious and rude hostess, we did offer to keep Shirat, but Shirat's little sister didn't want to be without her.) So Ariella had a fabulous afternoon, though Yaakov did miss his La-la very much.

Even though Donny did ask them if they wanted to go to the "gardener" (instead of the "park,") and later, when retelling our aliyah story, said he had come last March "to be refreshed" (instead of "interviewed") I think it was overall a big success. Kappayim l' Gila v'Donny! Kappayim to the Shirats! (aka mishpachat Eini.) And now, since I made too much food and we have leftovers, we are going to eat them up. L'hitraotbye.

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