Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Much has happened here in Aliyahbyaccident Land. (It's one of the lesser-known parks in Disneyworld.) First, I am about to be a published author. Yes, you heard that right. My first article is coming out in a few weeks, in the illustrious, highly-regarded Kol HaShomrim. That is Shomrei Emunah's twice-yearly publication full of thoughts, musings, and ads for O'Fishel. And one of those musings will be written by....yours truly! Another musing will be written by my very own sister, Israeli Leezy. You're probably wondering how you can get copies of the Kol HaShomrim to distribute to all your friends and family. Well, wonder no more! As it turns out, through a weird, cosmic coincidence, our very own Momz is one of the editors-in-chief of Kol HaShomrim! No WAY! you say. Way indeed, my friends, way indeed. So you can email Momz at leibtag strudel gmail nekudah com to order your own set. Momz will personally deliver each copy or copies to your home, in time for Pesach, because as many of you know, she has already finished cleaning, shopping, and cooking for Pesach. In fact, she's finished preparations for all Pesachs, for the rest of eternity. She will spend the next three weeks watching reruns of "Lost" and "24," so it'll be good to give her an activity.

In other news, I now have some paying work. Blogging is enjoying and entertaining, but unfortunately not very lucrative. So I have now reinvented myself as a writer and editor. I specialize in pretending to know what I am talking about.

Ariella is soaking up all the Pesach learning she can, because Pesach vacation starts, like, yesterday. Seriously. These kids are off for about a week and a half before the actual chag. So they can, you know, help. She made Moshe in his tayvah yesterday, and today was very distressed to learn that the Egyptian women were punished as well as the men. "But girls are nice!" she said despairingly. I signed Ariella up for a pre-Pesach art camp, and luckily Yaakov's vacation starts much later, so I will hopefully have time to complete all the work no one pays me for in addition to the work people actually pay me for.


Yael said...

have you joined the CIWI list?

Risa said...

Gila, I smell some nepotism here regarding getting your article in Kol Hashomrim. (Just kidding!) All joking aside, you are a fabulous writer and I can't wait to read your article over Pesach, iy'h.