Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stream of consciousness

Or; Why I am checking my Gmail and Facebook at 4:30 in the morning?

The train of thought that led me to my computer in the wee hours of the morning:

1. 4:00. Donny gets up to use the bathroom.

2. I think I hear one of the kiddies. I am so convinced that one of them is up that I wrench myself out of bed and go to the bedroom door.

3. No one is there; kids are in their beds (well, Yaakov is and Ariella is sleeping on the floor. Don't ask.)

4. I try to fall back to sleep, but I start thinking about Yaakov's Purim costume, or lack thereof. Will people think badly of me that he doesn't really have a costume? Will he be upset at his Purim party at gan? I start to fret.

5. I think, hey, if I add a little beard to him, that will make Pajama Soldier Boy cuter.

6. But I don't want to put facepaint on him because his skin is so sensitive.

7. Wait - I have some makeup - I can use some eyeliner to brush on a beard!

8. But do I have any eyeliner? I should go check.

9. [Me, sitting on bathroom floor, sifting through the random contents of my makeup bag. Aha! Lipliner!]

10. Well, I should see if it's the right color, I think it's sort of pinkish. Too dark to do that in the bathroom.

11. [In the kitchen, with the light on, rubbing the elderly, very dried out lipliner on my hand to check its color. Too pink, too dry, too old.]

12. Alright, I'll go and buy some black or brown eyeliner before Purim.

13. Wonder why I decided to go with a simple, non-costume costume as it is turning out to be more trouble than I thought.

14. Hey, I'm up anyway, mind as well check my email.

And here I am.

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Lisa said...

We might have something for Yaakov to wear. I will look for it at 3 am after one of the kids wakes me in the middle of the night and I run out of crazy things to think about while I try to fall back to sleep. BTW...Moshe was very upset that you (read: Ariella) weren't coming for dinner tonight. but Ima, it's yom shlishi. We have to have dinner with Ariella! What, I have to wait till Shabbat to see her??? That's so far away!!!