Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top Ten List

I'm in a Top Ten List kind of mood today. Since my table looks like a Who's Who of chametz (I artfully arranged all of the chametz on our table so I could plan our menus. It looks like this: Sunday - pasta. Monday - oatmeal. Tuesday - bread, with pasta. Wednesday - pasta, with oatmeal. Thursday - barley. With croutons. And breadcrumbs.)

So while being knee-deep in Pesach preparations, I thought we could have a Top Ten Things We Love About Pesach List, in order to get our energy up for the next three weeks.

So here goes:

Pesach, Pesach, You're My Chag! I Will Praise You On My Blog!

1. Matza and butter. Really, this is like 1-9, but I won't get carried away.
2. Donny's matza cereal. Don't even need to add heaping tablespoons of sugar, it's just that good.
3. Fried matza. (This will be the last food one.)
4. Listening to Ariella sing the mah nishtanah.
5. Singing "Echad Mi Yodea" with the tune that only the Leibtags know but we foist upon all of our guests because we can't have a seder without it, and by the end they're thumping the table with us.
6. All of the fun, once-a-year, Pesach dishes you get to haul out.
7. Donny: First taste of matza. (We won't go into what we all feel about the last taste.) And especially, Korech sandwich, "I look forward to it all year long!" says Donny, "Mmmmm! The matza, maror, charoses! Mmmmm!" (Apparently, I lied re my earlier promise. See #3.)
8. The Big Yearly Debate: Can you eat the Pesach rolls on erev Pesach? Is it considered matza? (I believe we paskined that since the matza meal is boiled, it's A-OK to eat, but we still enjoy the heated arguments.)
9. It seems, in fact, that there are few things we enjoy that are NOT food, which is odd, considering that we spend most of the week saying, "I'm soooo huuuunnngggrrryyyy!!!!"
10. Watching Dadz devour fifteen boxes of the "good" egg kichel - all before chol hamoed.
What about you? Share with us your Favorite Pesach Thing, or Things. Kosher for Pesach Poofahs will be awarded!


momz42854 said...

Well, I just had to comment on this one. My favorite things:
1. The refrigerator the minute after you are finished cleaning it - and that lasts about a minute.
2. The silverware drawer! no dividers! just dump everything in!
3. Fried matzah.
4. Fried matzah.
5. Matzah meal latkes, which the Schuster girls have christened "A little bit of heaven"
6. Fried matzah.
7. Donny's cereal - :( - which we won't have this year
8. Matzah. Fried.
9. The smell of chicken soup and gefilte fish cooking on erev yom tov.
10.. Matzah. balls.

Lisa said...

"Singing "Echad Mi Yodea" with the tune that only the Leibtags know" Can I get a cd of that to stick in the car so we will be prepared?

Risa said...

Aaron and I are big fans of the Leibtag "Echad Mi Yodea" tune! (We even tried to sing it at my parents' sedarim.) Hey, I just thought of another two advantages of making aliyah: One Seder and only 7 chametz-free days. (Kind of makes having to check products for "kasher l'achlei kitniyos" worth it.) Face it: a big part of Pesach is food. Three of my favorites: my mom's meat matzah lasagna, my grandmother's potato kugel and my mother-in-law's krimsel!

Shira said...

"Pesach, Pesach, You're My Chag! I Will Praise You On My Blog!"

Oh, best line ever. I've been laughing at this all morning! I am totally with your Mom on the clean fridge thing! And my own addition- a super-clean car. Heavenly!

Risa said...

Gila, I am saddened that the "Box of Plagues" did not get a mention on your blog. Perhaps it's number 11?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the blog now have a link to Leibtag-Rose pesach recipes....

momz42854 said...

Fried Matzah Recipe

Lots of matzah
Some warm water
Lots of salt
Lots of butter
Lots of eggs

1. Break up matzah and make sure many crumbs make it to the floor so that they can party with all of the other crumbs that are there since you swept, 5 minutes ago.

2. Pour warm water on matzah so that it gets mushy but not too mushy (do not ask me to explain this)

3. Put LOTS OF EGGS in the mix, like at least a dozen, which is the Minimum Egg Requirement for any Pesach recipe.

4. Put in salt

5. Fry in butter

6. Fry to your own taste - you gotta figure this one out for yourselves, people.

7. Take Plavix.

8. Try not to have a heart attack.

Leezy K said...

momz - matza meal latkes = "little DROPLETS of heaven"

good ol' matza cereal = broken pieces, lots of sugar, milk - what could be better?

Cheryl said...

Why hasn't anyone commented yet that you're all nuts for liking anything food related on Pesach??

My favorite thing - Not making Pesach (b/c we always are in someone else's house) and listening to everyone else complain! Yep, I know it's cruel.

Yael said...

you forgot the best part in Israel-

The fact that everyone is on vacation!